Follow Your Dreams, Babe!


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An educational E-Book that covers everything from finding your passion, chasing you dreams and making it into a reality! I shared my personal journey, tips and tricks on starting a blog, building a brand, top 50 apps, enhancing your social media and online presence, photography and editing, how to make money, work with PR agencies, pitching 101, and so much more! The E-Book also includes key data from leading industry professionals, giving you the keys to turn your dream into your day job! This book was made for you based off my most frequently asked questions and is full of motivation, inspiration and so much love from me! And the learning doesn’t stop here!!! By purchasing, you will also be invited to join a support group with all the other amazing creatives who are following their dreams. This is an amazing opportunity for those who are looking to connect with other passionate individuals and learn even MORE about improving their brands! xx A

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