9 Ways To Practice Selfcare At Home With Pantene

Hello, hello! I hope you’re doing well! I am so excited to have partnered with Pantene to share 9 ways I’ve been loving to practice selfcare at home. Pantene has always been a part of my everyday lifestyle, and lately I have been using Pantene’s Hair Volume Multiplier with Bamboo shampoo and conditioner and have been absolutely loving it!

This line is free of silicones, parabens, dye and mineral oil. When you free yourself from what life doesn’t need, life is full of what you love! And p.s. this bamboo collection makes a BIG difference! The Pantene Hair Volume Multiplier shampoo and conditioner are designed to add volume to fine, thin hair and it noticeably made a difference after my first wash. As I’ve shared on Instagram, my hair has always been thin – I always had a lot, but it’s super fine. Throughout my postpartum journey, I’ve lost quite a bit in different phases. I’ve shared my love of Pantene’s dry shampoo for building volume and am so excited to share that I’ve finally found a shampoo and conditioner that helps too!! The bamboo shampoo removes dirt and oils while returning hair to natural fullness, and the bamboo conditioner nourishes and strengthens hair against damage and protects natural fullness.

If you’re wondering “Why bamboo?” it’s because bamboo is known for its supportive qualities! It also has a natural source of vitamin B, which supports and strengthens hair and is rich in silica, which improves hair elasticity and shine. The bamboo collection is such a good system, and what better way to try it than now at home!? After all, taking a shower/bath is my first and favorite way to practice selfcare at home! Shop the product at Walgreens! Check out all 9 of my favorite ways down below! xx A

1. Taking a warm bath or shower always makes me feel better! Product shown: Pantene’s Hair Volume Multiplier with Bamboo shampoo and conditioner. 

2. Get dressed/change your outfit. Even if you’re just changing into another set of loungewear, it makes a difference with how you take on your day!

3. Give yourself a blowout/style your hair. I don’t always do my makeup, but when my hair is done, I feel put together! Even if I just style it in a bun or pony. On days between washes, I’ve been using Pantene’s Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist to give my locks a fresh, silky look!

4. Try a new recipe/bake yourself a treat! I have been LOVING my extra time in the kitchen!

5. Make flower arrangements to decorate your home with. I love leaving the arrangements around my home where I spend most my time.

6. Call friends/family! Catching up and sharing laughs instantly cheers you up!

7. Watch a new show/movie. If you need recommendations let me know!

8. Read a book/ learn a new skill. Take this time to do things you’ve always wanted to do!

9. Go for a walk. A little fresh air can make all the difference! 💨

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