Most Frequently Asked: Baby Items

Hello, hello! I wanted to compile our most frequently asked about baby items all in one spot for you! These most frequently asked baby items are all items that we use daily and are asked daily about! Everything is shared and linked below. If I missed anything or if you have any questions in particular, feel free to leave your questions in the comments below!  xx A

  1. Avanchy Bamboo and Silicone Bowl and Spoon Set. We absolutely love these spoons and bowls!!! They are super durable and worth every penny in my opinion. The silicone is not only soft to feed babies/toddlers, but it also makes feeding easy because you can also and very easily use to wipe/scoop any food that doesn’t make it into their mouths or ends up on their cheeks! The silicone on the bowls suction to any surface, which is genius! If you’re like me and admire atheistically pleasing things, I think they are so cute and they also come in a variety of sets and colors, ha!
  2. Charlie Crane Levo Lounger. I am first to admit that I ordered these chairs because they are aesthetically pleasing. THAT SAID, I truly cannot imagine our life without them. We have used these lounging chairs every single day since we got them and they are not going away any time soon. I mean, they essentially are mini hammocks that create a comfortable cradle for the boys sit, nap and chill in! They’re super easy to build and to remove the fabric and wash too! Honestly, my only complaint is that they don’t make them in my size!
  3. Non-Toxic Floor Mat. This floor mat has been the most handy Amazon purchase ever! We originally went with the black and white pattern to stimulate their eyes, however I think it’s quite cute! It’s honestly perfect for all ages. I love knowing they have a clean space to lay, crawl, tummy time, play on and it is super easy to wipe clean after every use. Parker drools a LOT, so it’s also super easy to clean after he plays. We love that it’s buildable depending on the space we are using it in. For example, when the boys are in the Jolly Jumper (6.) we place one square under their feet. If they’re in our room, we only use half of it, and if we are in the living room we can build out the entire mat. This is also easy to pack if your car if you are traveling!
  4. Bibs Pacifiers. These are the only pacifiers that the babies use or take. We tried a variety of other pacifiers early on and these are the only ones that stuck! They come in a HUGE variety of aesthetically pleasing colors and sets too.
  5. Jeep Walker/Activity Set. These walkers were a gift from my brother, but have been so handy! We use these every day! We pop the babies in when they want to be standing up or need to be distracted. The car has all sorts of driving buttons and sound effects, which the boys love! It also is versatile and can grow with your baby at different stages (used to push/support walking, sit and used as a walker, collapses down to a seat – check it out!)
  6. Jolly Jumper. This has been such a staple in our household that we got a second one! It depends on your child’s development when they are able to start using it, however we started when the boys were able to support their heads. It’s a great option to have, especially if you live in small spaces like us! We can easily set it up and pop the babies in and then take it down and put it away when they’re done. We have even traveled with this and packed them both in their suitcase! (They’re that compact and easy to use!) I was gifted this at my shower and had NO clue how handy, fun and helpful it would end up being! Such a necessity in our household!
  7. Angelcare Baby Bath Support Tub. This bath tub has been so handy. I have a bad back, so prefer to use the tub to bathe (instead of leaning over the sink). This was something I had on my registry and I’m so glad I included it! The tub is designed to fit baby’s body and has soft, nonslip mesh that keeps them in place – great for wiggly babies!
  8. Dr. Brown Bottles. These are the only bottles the boys use now. We switched to these bottles around 3 or 4 months, when I was pumping and also giving the boys formula. Preston was having a lot of reflux issues and was super fussy, and we found these bottles were best for him! Parker also didn’t mind. These bottles do have some extra parts, which need more attention when cleaning, but the boys love them!
  9. 4Moms Mamaroo.. We have used this on and off for the last almost 9 months and it has consistently been apart of our routine. I will say, I am glad we only got one. We’ve never been in a situation where both babies needed it at the same exact time and we really don’t have the space anyways. However, that said! It has come in handy, even now! The boys love motion, and I personally think it has helped Parker nap a little longer because of the motion. We have also used it to distract them while I am with another baby. The lounger is adjustable, so it can be used more as a cradle or a seat. And another great feature is that it can all be controlled through an app on your phone! You can adjust the settings or the speed super easily. We chose this over other swings/chairs, because the motions mimic human swaying and rocking motions, which I think is really cool!
  10. Puj Sink Tub. We got this tub right around when the babies were first born, and are STILL using it! Marc prefers to use the sink – I prefer the bath tub, personally. However, this foam insert has been SO handy!!! It can easily pop into any size sink and comfortably secures the babies. It is lightweight, so we have also traveled with this.
  11. Avent Bottles. So we do not use these anymore, however, when the babies were first born and when I was breastfeeding this is the first and only bottle I felt comfortable giving them! The wide and slower release nipple was recommended by my lactation consultant as an option to have that wouldn’t confuse the babies. We used these for the first couple months and they were great and easy to clean!
  12. Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Baby Gate. Wow, oh wow did I not know how much we needed this until we had it! This baby gate has been so handy, especially as the babies have become more and more mobile. Our space is not 100% baby proofed yet, so it has also been great to know that if I’m working or doing chores, the babies can still explore and play and not get into anything they shouldn’t.
  13. Micuna USA Ovo Highchair. I will admit, this was another purchase because I just LOVED the look of this chair. However, I love how versatile it is. It grows with your child and can also convert to a toddler chair. It’s also very compact and not bulky, which I love! Especially since we have to have two. It really is the perfect size! The insert can easily come out and be washed (or removed completely) and comes in a variety of colors. The boys love the chairs, and we even pop them in to sit up comfortably and attach toys to the frame to play with. ***They are currently running a 20% off promo the entire month of March!

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