Lacoste Spring Collection with My Forever Teammate

Hello, hello!  Parenting is the craziest game the both of us have ever tried to play! This month we are stepping out as not only husband and wife, but also as teammates in this crazy journey. Together we have combated the challenges as they have come at us, and this month we are embarking on a new one. We thought it would only be fitting to make this announcement wearing our lifelong favorite lifestyle and athleisure brand, Lacoste. We are so excited to be wearing the new Lacoste collection – a collection that is designed to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle, whatever that may be! We are both absolutely obsessed (in fact, I’ve already placed another order for these joggers, because Marc loves them so much!). Everything from the color coordinating pieces, my personal favorite! To the fit and styles, this Lacoste collection is SO good!!! I especially love that my trench coat is lined with their iconic alligator green lining and the elastic waistline belt is a game changer and takes this belted trench to a whole new level! I’ll make sure to link all the pieces for you below, as well as some other favorites! Marc and I will be living in them all spring long! 

OKAY, now for the announcement you’ve been waiting for.. 

This month, Marc and I together decided that we needed to make some changes. Since we both work at home, something we are so grateful for, we both have been dealing with the challenges that come along with trying to be “at work” and parents at the same time. Marc is the greatest dad and I am SO lucky that he is my forever teammate, but we agreed that we both needed some sort of routine and that this “survival” mode we’ve been juggling isn’t healthy. The last 7-8 months have been incredible, but we both have goals professionally and struggled separating those from the demands of keeping up with two children that need full-time attention, and we also want to make sure they’re getting the attention they need to grow and develop too! Together, we decided it would be best to hire a “mother’s assistant”, someone who can come in and help us a couple hours a day, so we can get our work done and designate our time outside of that to the children. This is new for us, but so far it’s been great! I already feel like I can breath, knowing I have a couple hours each workday to commit 100% to my goals, and that I can be an even better parent because I’m not stressed out or distracted outside of that. I will of course keep you posted with this journey, but we love that the boys can continue to explore, sing, dance, read, play and are essentially entertained while we are being productive! Just wanted to be completely transparent with all of you, since you often ask how we do it! One thing I learned in my twenties was to know when to ask for help instead of trying to do it all on my own, and this is just another extension of that. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to leave below in the comments. xx A 

Shop the Post! 1. Men’s joggers. 2. Women’s Trench.  3. Crewneck Sweatshirt. 4. Fleece Track Pants. 5. Colorblock Zip Jacket. 6. Soft Crewneck Tee. 7. V-Neck Sweater 8. Bucket Hat. 9. V-Neck Tee.

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