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Hello Friends! Thanks for stopping by! With the holiday season just around the corner, I wanted to put together my best tips and practices for hosting guests and preparing your guest room! This all started when my parents stayed in our apartment, while I was in the hospital delivering our babies. I went above and beyond to make our space extra cozy, and I thought it would be beneficial to share it with all of you! 🙂 In partnership with Serena & Lily, I put together a list of my guest room essentials for you and shared some ways I incorporate Serena & Lily products in our household! Of course you can always add to this list in the comments below.  xx A

First thing is first! Make things comfortable. I absolutely love our Serena and Lily bedding, so I keep an extra set on hand for when guests are in town. The quilt is great to have on hand, especially during the colder months, and I especially love this soothing hue of blue. Did you know that blue is calming and is the most recommended bedroom color because it promotes relaxation and tranquility? Serena and Lily has so many gorgeous blue options, including the sheets, pillow, shams and quilt I picked out!

There are other simple ways you can make your space extra comfortable, including providing a water carafe, a catch all dish for holding jewelry, a healthy snack(s), reading material and an alarm clock. I also like to keep Lavender Linen Spray out on the nightstand. It’s the little things that make all the difference. Also providing spare hangers for your guest to use is also a nice touch!

Next, make things easy!! In this day and age, hopping on someone’s WiFi is usually the first question that is asked. You can download the PDF I created for our WiFi Sheet! Just fill it in with your WiFi details. 🙂 I keep this printed and in a frame for when guests come to visit, and the frame helps from me misplacing it or it getting lost in the shuffle of things! When we don’t expect guest to stay over, we just keep this on our bar cart. Talking about keeping things easy, having a spare key is also important in making guests feel extra welcomed and not like they’re intruding. It makes all the difference when your guests arrive and leave, and allows more freedom and flexibility – especially if they’re arriving during the work week or are on a different schedule than you are!

When it comes to the bathroom, there are a few things you can do to make your space extra accommodating. Invest is a complete set of towels, so when guest stay over you can put them aside for them. I’m only saying this, because I have so many random towels I’ve collected over the years! I didn’t realize how random our towels were until I was trying to put together fresh white towels and wash cloths for my parents to use and ended up having to mix and match. Serena & Lily has a bunch of great neutral options that feel so luxurious you’re going to want to replace all of your towels! I especially love their Healdsburg towel with the fringe detail.

Next, when it comes to the bathroom having a clean bath mat is also very important.  I love this one from Serena and Lily because it is so easy to wash and helps make our tiny bathroom feel more comfortable. It’s also easy to roll up and store for special occasions. I also like to keep a pair of spare slippers in our bathroom when guests are visiting! Like I said, it’s the little things that help make your loved ones extra welcomed! We also keep a stool next to the tub that we leave out soaps, lotions and toiletries on. Since we only have one bathroom, it doesn’t stay there permanently. But this stool is surprising super handy and we have been using it all over the house for other things, like as a plant stand!

Other bathroom things to keep in mind when you’re hosting guests is to leave a spare roll of toilet paper out, along with a candle and matches. If we’re all hanging out, I’ll just leave that candle lit in there on the counter. And lastly, I make sure to have a complete set of sink accessories, that includes a tooth brush holder and soap dispenser for our guests to use too!  It not only completes our vanity, but it also is nice being able to refill the dispenser with liquid soaps.

I hope you find my Guest Room and Hosting Essential List handy! Would you add anything to it? Cheers!

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