NYC Closet Makeover

Hello, hello! It’s been a crazy couple months, well – year! And I’m finally able to focus back on sharing some of the things we worked on, like my NYC Closet Makeover! If you follow me on Instagram you may already be familiar with all the home projects we’ve had, including this one. However, if you’re not familiar or are new here, we have had our hands full! Before the babies arrived, we had to work on clearing out our second bedroom, which was also my office and spare closet/storage room, so we could turn it into a nursery.  In what was already smaller living quarters (i.e. a NYC apartment) we had to figure out how to make the absolute most of our space, while losing our spare room that held so many of our things. How we did that? We updated our closets!

Honestly, it was the best thing we ever did. In fact, I can’t believe we waited as long as we did to do it. In what was just a single rack + shelf, we transformed our closets overnight to 3 shelves and multiple racks, which are now able to hold a TON more! We also incorporated organizational techniques and services provided by the Liberate Your Space team. At 8 months pregnant, I didn’t and couldn’t do it alone – although, pregnant or not I’m not sure I could have done it alone either, haha! That said, I am more than happy to share all the tips and information I learned to make all of this information available if you would like to incorporate anything into your homes!

The NYC Closet Makeover started with how we could transform our closets. As you can see in the before picture, our closet system was pretty basic – a single shelf and rod. To start, I picked up some basic materials from Home Depot to update ours, and depending on how handy you are you can easily do the same and do it on your own! I personally had a handyman help me. Depending on what type of closet you have, Home Depot has a bunch of different closet systems you can purchase (various lengths, etc,). Why it was useful to have a handyman is that he was able to properly cut everything to size and then install it for us (there wasn’t a system available that perfectly fit our dimensions).

When making over your closet space, it’s important to visualize how you will use the space to really know what you need. I knew I wanted to use the wall space above my hanging rod to build up, so I visualized the heights of my bags and shoes to know how many shelves I could add and how far apart they needed to be. As far as the hanging rods went, I personally have a lot more pants, jeans and tops, so I knew I wanted to split one wall with two hanging rods to double the hanging space! Not my best work, but here is the exact picture I drew to show our handyman.

Once our closets were completed, I feared my own organizational skills to making my dream turn into a reality, haha! That’s where Liberate Your Space came in, a professional organizing company based out of New York City. They stopped by to help me out for a day, and shared some tips I thought were valuable in building and maintaining a organized closet space! I wanted to start the project from scratch, so we completely emptied out my closet and spent the day creating a functional and organized closet system. Here are images they captured of how the project turned out!

What I love about my NYC Closet Makeover is that we were able to make use of every square inch of my closet! It not only holds more things, but it is way more functional all the way around. Here are some of the best practices that were used to make this all happen.

Hangers. The team got rid of all my hangers and replaced them with the same color velvet ones. I will say, the velvet hangers are a game changer – and not because it’s way more aesthetically pleasing this way! In the past, I only saved them for my best pieces, but I’m now realizing how amazing only having these are. Before, my tops used to slip and slide off of my hangers when I would look through my closet. I love that they don’t do that anymore! I also learned that it’s best to have your hangers facing the same way – I didn’t realize how important this was, haha! And lastly, when it comes to hanging pants and jeans, children’s velvet hangers are a game changer!!!! They are the perfect size to hanging your bottoms on!

Color Coordination: There are reasons color coordinating is key, and this is a prime example of one! It is now so easy to sort through my closet, especially on days when I’m in a rush to find black bottoms and a white top, etc. With everything now color coordinated, it’s a whole lot easier to find things, which in turn makes getting ready a lot faster!

Organized Pockets. The team installed plastic brackets to separate my hanging pieces by category. You may have seem these before in a department store, but this was something I haven’t seen before in a personal closet and I thought it was a really smart idea! We even separated and categorized all the clothes I could actually fit into during my pregnancy to a small section in front, so I could easily find pieces that could actually fit me.

Stacked hats. Using command hooks, we layered my hats and organized them on the wall hooks. Not only is it a cute way to display you thats, but it also helps get their structure by doing it this way! A few of my floppier hats, like berets and baseball caps were stacked on the shelves.

Clear bins. Using clear bins is so important for storing and remembering what’s inside! We used these for a couple different things. In an effort to declutter, I threw away all my designer shoe boxes. So instead of holding those shoes on my shoe rack, which is more for every day shoes, I am keeping a few pairs in the clear shoeboxes for safe keeping!

Mesh Wash Bags. These are so great for folding and storing my swimsuits in to separate those! Having them in their own individual bag is not only handy with easily sorting through what you have, but it’s also great to pack them this way!

Label, label, label. Once everything finds a proper home – using a label gun to properly label everything is a great way to keep the system in place!! The team used a label maker to make mini labels for everything from where to hang things to what drawers in my dresser should hold what!

Nail Polish Holder. I actually had these in my closets before the makeover, but they are the absolute best for storing sunglasses/glasses!!!

Shoe Rack. This was another thing we set up and is so helpful for keeping shoes off the floor! Really finding ways to utilize any and all space is so key!!!

Another takeover I learned from the Liberate Your Space team was that you should use your space in order of how often you use things. Prior to having them come and help me organize, nothing had a actual “proper” home, just places where things fit. I love that my favorite pieces or items I tend to wear more often are in places I can easily access and find. Also, by rolling tees, loungewear, athletic wear and other bottoms (the one drawer shown above were all my maternity jeans!) it’s easier to store and see what’s actually in your drawers! This is also an easy practice to maintain over time. This entire process has definitely helped me so much and I absolutely love my new closet!!! If you have any favorite tips I would love to hear! xx A

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