Twin Nursery Reveal

Hello hello! I couldn’t wait to share our twin nursery reveal with you! And FINALLY was able to put this post together 🙂 It’s been a little crazy these last couple weeks, if you can imagine… haha. Since there was so much thought, love and time that went into creating this space, I knew our Twin Nursery Reveal would be a long post! I wanted to make sure I covered all the details and some tips we learned along the way! As always, you can shop the entire post below – just click the pictures! 🙂

How it all started… with the entire house consisting of neutrals, in my mind it was almost a give-in that we would create a nursery of neutrals too. I was ALL for it in fact! Until Marc declared he wanted the nursery to be blue, which I KNOW! What a curveball he threw me! ;P Looking to find some sort of compromise, I came across a picture on Pinterest with wallpaper and something clicked – the space was so whimsical and charming, I fell in love with the idea of mixing it up. Of course I would have to find something that fit both of our styles, and no bunnies and flowers was not going to make the cut with two little boys! Haha, but at least it inspired me to keep looking into this idea. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know I asked for everyone’s recommendations of places that sell unique wallpaper – I wrote a post about that here! So the hunt for a cool wallpaper began!

My good friend who is an interior designer sent this print over, a blue and white toile print, but if you look closely it’s all Brooklyn themed (what’s up, Biggie!). We instantly fell in love and stopped looking after this! It was more than perfect for our two Brooklyn boys! Marc got his blue with Brooklyn flare and I got my classic print. To be perfectly honest though, if we didn’t love the print so much I probably wouldn’t recommend it. The customer service was pretty poor – it took them weeks to get back to me with a measuring question (I followed up a ton of times via email) and it was pretty expensive. On their actual website there is a estimator that tells you how many rolls to buy for your wall space and it over quoted how much I should order by 3-4 rolls, which are also non-returnable so we have a ton left over! (UGH!) I guess the only bright side to this is if my little P’s ever damage a wall, I will be able to replace it, haha. My best advice is to hire a professional to do your wallpaper – installing it myself once was hands down the hardest thing ever and was worth the extra $$$ of paying someone else to do it! But to also have the professional come beforehand to pre-measure your space and give you an estimate. You live and you learn! Speaking of walls, with how much we invested in our wallpaper (SMH) I didn’t want to put anything bulky up that would take away from it. These acrylic bookshelves were so perfect! They come in a set of two and I order two sets for either side of the mirrors. I love how they look!

When it came to the cribs for our twin nursery, Marc and I went back and fourth about full size v mini cribs. The Webster Crib was the first crib I fell in love with months ago, but figured it was too big and dropped it. There are Pros and Cons to both options, however, once we measured the room and realized we could in fact fit two full size cribs along one wall we were sold with going this route! We first looked together at Restoration Hardware and fell in love with the vintage metal crib. I didn’t want anything bulky on the sides of the cribs, and loved the fact that the bars were open on all four sides and that the boys could eventually look and talk to each other through their cribs! Something you probably don’t have to think about with one baby, haha! However, this style wasn’t convertible to the toddler bed and it was time for Plan B, or I guess in my case BACK to plan A, which was the Webster Crib. I love the rods and wooden frame to this crib so much and am so beyond happy it worked out for us! It’s an investment piece, but love that it converts and grows with your baby, without changing the dimensions or shape of the crib. Since space is limited this was clutch for us! We wanted something we could keep in the room for the next few years. We also ordered this mattress.

While I was shopping at Serena & Lily, I came across their braided wool rug and the hunt started for a more affordable option. That was how I found our rug here for a fraction of the price! The matching changing table for the Webster Crib didn’t have great storage, and I knew we also needed a dresser so the search continued for something that would work as both things! We found our dresser at Crate and Barrel kids, which matches perfectly with the cribs! However, I didn’t love their changing table topper option. Luckily, the Serena & Lily version had dimensions that fit perfect with our dresser! I really like like this one because it has storage connected to it on the sides and the price was pretty reasonable compared to other ones I was looking at! Another thing I loved was that the changing pad that goes with this one doesn’t need covers (like the Crate and Barrel one did) and you can simply wipe it clean with a diaper wipe. Less laundry is a win win for me! It also comes with a safety buckle and 4 sided contour edges to keep your baby safe on top.

The last big decision was our glider chair! Everyone said that this is the most important piece of furniture in the room and boy are they right! It’s sooooo important you get a comfortable chair. Trust me, you will spend a LOT of hours in it, if you can’t already imagine that you would! Haha. We actually took a gamble on ours. Everyone recommended to go and sit and test them out in stores, and we tried! We visited a couple and no one had gliders in the store to test out! It got down to the wire and I wanted to make sure we ordered one before the babies came, so I started to do a ton of research online! We ultimately went with the Paxton Swivel Glider from PBkids chair because it both glides and fully reclines – and it was 1000% worth the price! It is so comfortable!!! The last thing I want to point out is the fact that we put cordless blackout shades in. Cordless shades are so extremely important in baby and children rooms, so if you don’t have a cordless option in yours please look into it! I really love this shade because they’re so easy to open and close – you just lift and pull. Also having the shades be blackout has been so great for both napping during the day and insulating the window (keeping heat and cold air out!).

Those are all our big big decisions for our twin nursery! As far as all our decor goes, everything is linked below. I’m happy to explain anything else if you have any additional questions. Just leave a comment below! xx A

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  1. This nursery is absolutely stunning and such an inspiration for creating my baby boy’s nursery. May I ask how you attached the bookshelves to the wall?? Xx

  2. Love it! Good investment pieces are the way to go! You need to love the room the means the most! Precious room for precious babies – notice the 2 Ps??” 💙💙

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