Everything I Ordered After Labor and Delivery

Hello, hello! I thought this post would be useful to put together, as I thought I WAS prepared, but there were so many things I ordered after labor and delivery that I wanted to put this post together to share. Here is everything I ordered post labor and delivery to help with recovery or to make my life just a littttttle be easier. If there is anything you would like to add I would love to know! Leave a comment below. 🙂 xx A

One of my most frequently asked questions is what belly band I ordered, so I wanted to make sure I added this first! In the hospital I wore the one they gave me, which I’m glad I did because it got stained and I threw it out when I got home. I  linked it here where it’s available in all sizes, but I do have the exact one in black, which I ordered here! I ordered it in a size Large, and it barely wrapped around when I first got out of the hospital. I also ordered one in nude in a size medium, but I haven’t opened that yet.

We didn’t realize we needed a baby drying rack until we did!  A couple month ago, we threw out our dish rack because it took up a ton of space on our counter and we also would get lazy and just not put dishes and cups away, like we shouldn’t have! So I refused to get another bulky drying rack. We came across this one and thought it was so cute!!! Also great for smaller spaces. Even if you’re not bottle feeding, it comes in handy to dry other things like storage containers for breastmilk and pacifiers.

Until I learn more about what’s in our household items, I bought this to use to clean all our baby bottles, lips, containers, pacifiers, etc. Another item I didn’t realize I needed until I was walking down the aisle in target and saw it!

Love these sponges to clean out our narrow breast milk containers and bottles! Also great to have a specific cleaning sponge for baby items that doesn’t touch or is used on other things!

If you’re planning on pumping you need this hands-free pumping bra. Check the specifications, but I’m fairly certain it’s universal and can be used with different pumps! While you’re still strapped to a machine and plug, it’s convenient to have your hands free, while you pump, as opposed to holding the pumps to your chest for 15-20 minutes!

I’m sorry if this is TMI, but if you haven’t heard from a family/friend yet, you need to know that pooping after delivery is kinda a big deal! The hospital can help with gas pressure pains and constipation (I’ll share more in my labor story post), but this is just good to have when you leave to get back on a regular schedule afterwards!

Due to the fact that their hands are just so teeny, all our cute mittens always flew off. So when the boys aren’t in onesies that have sleeves we ordered these to have and they work better at staying on!

When I was swollen before I delivered, I did hear compression socks helped! Of course the stubborn person I am didn’t actually order them until AFTER I delivered and was even more desperate for relief. If you have annnnnny type of swelling in your feet, ankles or calves definitely get these socks! I promise you they will help. I wish I didn’t wait as long as I did to try them.

Definitely add as many tops as you can that have the attached mittens. It makes all the difference with newborn nails! I find that the gloves don’t stay on too well, so these are amazing to have for them to sleep in! I ordered a bunch of different styles with mittens, but wanted to share a generic top that I also ordered that is great to have!

If you plan on pumping, it’s great to have extra storage containers on hand! We left the hospital with some, but they only held 2 oz and it wasn’t enough once my milk came in. These are great to have and reuse time and time again. We pump and pour milk into these containers to refrigerate and store for later.

LOVE this nursing cami – it is so comfortable! If you didn’t order nursing camisoles yet, they are so nice to have because you don’t need to take your whole shirt/bra off to feed or pump. I ordered this one in white, and other ones I ordered from Target are here in black and nude.

Whether you’re nursing or not – you will need these pads! They are amazing to have and stick into bras to soak up leaks. This weekend I even stuck them to my sundresses, so I didn’t have to wear a bra. They are also super soft, and have helped reduce nipple discomfort and irritation.

A follower sent me this, and I thought it was genius! With all the important documents you need to save and organize (FYI – you are dispatched from the hospital with a bunch of paperwork and papers you need to show the pediatrician at your first appointment!), these are a lifesaver! I ordered two, one for each baby.

I didn’t want to introduce bottles too soon, because I wanted to focus on breastfeeding and didn’t want to introduce anything that would interfere with that. In fact, we actually spoon and cup fed them for a few days as an alternative method of feeding! That worked while they were super small and didn’t drink that much, but it wasn’t sustainable. Our lactation consultant recommended these bottles, because the wide breast-shaped nipple on the Natural bottle promotes natural latch-on, which is great if you want to easily combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The ultra soft nipple also mimics the feel of the breast. These have been so helpful to have for feedings, while we are figuring out our lip and tongue ties.

When it comes to sleeping, I have found that these sleepers are amazing to have! I kept waking up to find the boys kicked out of their swaddles, haha. While we do have the velcro swaddles, we haven’t used them yet since they’re made of pretty thick materials and Marc and I noticed the boys sleep better with our window air conditioner unit off and fans on. That said, we love this lighter weight option to keep them feeling secure! Also amazing because these have the sleeve flip-mittens attached!

Finally found a bag insert for my tote! I didn’t want to spend too too much and found this one for $23! It comes in a couple of sizes, so it can accommodate a bunch of different size bags! I have the Neverfull GM and ordered this in the XL.

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  1. This is SUCH an amazing list!!! I’m due in a few weeks and so many of the items are things I hadn’t thought about yet, but it totally makes sense 🙂 thank you! Xo

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