Preparing For My Babies: EVIVO Probiotics

Hello Loves! Now that I’m into my third trimester – things are getting REAL!!!! I have been doing a ton of reading and researching as we prepare for our babies and something I thought was super interesting came up! Newborn Gut Health. It’s not the most glamorous topic to discuss, but I think it’s important to bring up! I don’t think gut health in general is talked about enough, and after reading more and more about it I realized just how important this is, especially for newborns! I still remember chatting with a friend a few years ago and her reaction, “YOU DON’T TAKE A PROBIOTIC!?” made me realize I should be doing something for my own health that I wasn’t… haha, sure enough the next day I was online researching the best probiotic to buy.

I recently read about newborn gut health and how the good bacteria has disappeared over generations due to unintended consequences of modern medical practices like C-Sections, and antibiotics. While all these practices are important medical advances, they have also diminished the good bacteria our babies need to thrive. This topic has got me thinking for sure, and made me realize – for 10 plus months we do everything in our power to take care of our bodies and our growing babies. We watch EVERYTHING we eat to make sure we’re always taking in the right nutrients. We avoid anything that could be potentially harmful and why? Because we want the healthiest baby (or babies!!!!) possible. But could we do more?

After talking with new mothers and our doctor I realized that there is more we could be doing. To prepare for my babies’ arrival, I was recommended Evivo – the first and only clinically-proven baby probiotic that restores the good bacteria that is critical for healthy infant guts. Evivo is also the only probiotic specifically formulated to partner with breast milk, which I particularly love! Since it’s given with breast milk, it’s easy for babies to take.

 While there still feels like there is so much out of my control, especially since I’m expecting twins, I feel better knowing that I’m doing my research and preparing as best as I can! After all, I can’t control when and how these babies are going to be born, and if they’ll be born via C-section or will have to spend time in the NICU, and I can’t control if I will be able to breast feed them enough or at all. And that’s okay! We have modern medical advances in place to help for a reason, but knowing I can support their gut health with Evivo, which in turns builds up their immune systems even more, makes me feel better as a soon-to-be mother. If this is something that you’re interested in learning more about, I would definitely recommend talking to your doctor and going to to learn more about Evivo and what you can do to help enhance your baby’s good bacteria! Receive $10 off your Evivo starter kit of 4 weeks with code BLOG4T4, or receive $20 off your Evivo starter kit of 8 weeks or more with code BLOGQ65. I’m excited to be a part of this conversation and to raise awareness about this topic. As always, if you have any questions you can always reach out to me directly! Connecting with you has been one of the best parts about my pregnancy! xx A

*This post was sponsored by Evivo. All opinions are my own.

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