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*** This post is in collaboration with buybuy BABY, however all ideas and opinions are my own! xo

Hello, hello!! I really wanted to share our buybuy BABY experience because it was the absolute best! It coincides perfectly, because a bunch of you have been asking me what’s on my registry, and I learned a ton through our consultant during our registry appointment at buybuy BABY. It all started because Marc and I were completely loss in all the baby decisions. While we love to hear reviews from family, friends, neighbors… all of you guys! We were getting a lot of mixed reviews and ideas on what’s best, so we decided to meet with an expert and set an appointment. Our visit to buybuy BABY was so great! And it doesn’t end at the store, our consultant has been emailing with us since our appointment to help answer additional questions we have had. She’s been so great!!! Below is everything I picked out from buybuy BABY and why! And if you’re not familiar with buybuy BABY you should definitely check it out! It’s owned by Bed Bath & Beyond, also offers amazing discounts!! AND offers a special twin discount, which I appreciate. 🙂  You can build your registry online, but if you have a store close to you, I highly recommend going and making an appointment. It was so helpful! xx A

Kicking the post off with probably our biggest decision! What stroller we decided to go with. buybuy BABY had every brand in their store to try and test out, which made our decision so much easier!! Our consultant also walked us through each one we were thinking about, which was incredibly helpful. After comparing a few brands, we ended up deciding to go with the Bugaboo Donkey2 Classic Complete Stroller, for a few reasons! First, we loved that we were able to see both babies at once. Other strollers that stack – yes, they were a little more narrow, but we didn’t like how we weren’t able to see the baby on the bottom without completely walking around. We also learned that those strollers were not designed to hold the same weights in both seats. So while they may be great if you have children at different ages and one can sit and face out on the bottom and the baby can sit in a bassinet on top, having two children the same size isn’t as ideal. Another reason why we love this stroller so much is because it can easily collapse (just 3 clicks!) and be used as a single stroller. So if there ever was a time I wanted to run out with just one baby or have one baby in a carrier and one in the stroller, the system is easily adjustable. Which also leads me to my third point – we loved how easy it was to maneuver and collapse. Lastly, we both love the overall aesthetic of the stroller. In New York, your stroller is like a car, so we realized we needed something durable that will also easily grow with our babies. Also on our registry is the Bugaboo Donkey2 Duo Extension Set, which comes with an extra bassinet and seat to easily convert the system to a twin stroller. We also got the canopy’s in white, the wool seat liners, cup holder and travel bag. It was so much easier figuring out the system and all the parts we needed with our consultant! Plus, by visiting buybuy BABY we got to see all the brands we wanted to compare firsthand, and try them out for ourselves. Really, really excited about the Bugaboo Donkey2 and cannot wait to see our boys in it!!!!

The next biggest decision at buybuy BABY was figuring out the carseats. Out of all our decisions, I think this one was the one I feel most excited for because I never would have learned about this option without our consultant’s help!!! I just want to preface this decision by saying, Marc and I live in a city where we do not drive too too often. This decision works best for our needs, as we do not use a car every single day and we do not have room to store more items than we can. That said, we chose the Bugaboo stroller because we loved the bassinets, but figured it doesn’t make much sense if we are using those to also look into a carseat that can adapt and snap into our stroller. That was our first realization! And then our consultant explained other carseats in the market, and introduced us to the Cybex brand because of the amazing technology it’s capable of – it alerts your phone of the temperature, so if the carseat gets too cold or hot, you’re notified. It also alerts you when any snaps or belts get loose, which if these boys are as big as trouble makers as I was, I know they will be pressing all the buttons haha! I love these features and knowing that they are safe, even when I may not realize it, is extra comforting. Another great feature with this brand is that it has an extra bumper on the side for extra safety IF the seats have to be buckled into the doors seats, which ours will have to be. We learned all these things because of our amazing buybuy BABY consultant!!! But then we learned something else… the infant carseat v. a carseat you can use from infancy through childhood. Did NOT know this was a thing!? Thank you buybuy BABY!!! As I mentioned, Marc and I do not drive every day, so for our lifestyle it seemed silly to invest in TWO infant carseats that will be temporarily used for only a year, and then have to get two more carseats for when they outgrow the infant ones. Our consultant showed us the Cybex™ Eternis S SensorSafe Car Seat – which is a carseat that works and adjusts from 4 lbs – 120 lbs!!! Aka, we can use these for their entire childhood and not have to worry about storing or buying more. As I mentioned above, this isn’t a carseat that you can unhook and then carry your baby in. But like I said – in NYC we just do not need that and only need carseats that will stay in our car, and these are so perfect! While were talking about carseats, I also wanted to share two more items we picked out! A piddlepad and car mirrors. Blowouts happen! Haha! And we learned from our consulate that the piddlepad is great to keep in the carseats because it makes clean up SO MUCH EASIER! The piddlepad is a waterproof seat liner that better protects car seats and strollers from diaper blowouts and potty-training accidents – above and below the diaper line. Can you say genius!? And another thing I never would have thought about including! As far as our mirrors go, this was more of an aesthetic decision for me, since they all are about the same and do the same job, haha. I still wanted to include them in my round-up, because our consultant also helped us choose these!

Next we moved onto the baby carriers! With the help of our buybuy BABY consultant, it was so much fun seeing Marc try them all on with their baby dummy, haha. We ultimately decided to go with the BABYBJORN 2019 Baby Carrier One. Again, we wanted something that would last awhile – and not just during infancy! I wasn’t able to test it out firsthand, but Marc said the support was night and day compared to other carriers he tried on with the weighted dummy baby. This specific carrier is great for babies from 6 – 35 pounds, and we both loved that it can be worn front or back carrying options and it also comes with a ton of adjustable support for your baby. We got it in both black and grey options!

Moving on to the playard.. this one gets me excited too!!!! Haha! I never heard of this brand before heading into buybuy BABY, but am so excited for the 4moms® Breeze Plus Playard. If you haven’t heard of this brand before either, the concept is in the name – it is a TOTAL breeze to operate. This playard is an ideal source of convenient fun for your little one(s)! There’s a video on buybuy BABY if you click the link above, but it is so simple and easy to use! It easily sets up with 1 push open, 1 pull close and it grows with your little one from infant to toddler with a removable bassinet and changer. We also added the fitted sheet, which is made from a soft, plush fabric with a waterproof lining (ding! ding!). And it also comes in a travel bag, which is great for storing, packing and traveling with! This is the best system I found – just watch the video if you don’t believe me!! 😉

Our next big decision was what type of baby monitor to get! There are so many on the market, but we ultimately decided on the Nanit Plus™ Video Wall Mount Baby Monitor with Sleep Tracking. It really is the most advanced nursery camera ever, and we just loved every feature about this one! From the HD video/audio, plus motion detection, night vision, zoom, and a nightlight, the Nanit Plus lets you keep tabs on your baby (or babies) with a birds eye view of the crib! Plus, Marc and I both love how it keeps track of your babies sleeping patterns, which will be great for sleep training and just being able to monitor them when we are not physically in the room. I also love the sleek design and how it cleanly mounts above the crib, but they also have a floor mount stand if you do not want to have it mounted onto you wall. Lastly, it comes with a portable stand, so if you’re traveling or move the baby to another room, the camera can easily dismount and be mounted anywhere! All-in-all we thought this system was great and were so excited to learn more about this at buybuy BABY!

Moving on to the diaper pail! This was actually a decision we made after we left the store. Did I mention you have access to your consultant 24/7 to help answer questions!? This was one of those things I forgot to ask about when we were in the store, and our buybuy BABY consultant was so great and helped us via email decide on the Ubbi Diaper Pail! Not going to lie, I love the sleek design and the fact that it comes in 12 prints and patterns! Haha, but it is also super convenient too. My absolute favorite part of this particular diaper pail is that it fits standard kitchen bags, which not only provide savings over pails that use expensive, hard to find refill bags, but also is super convenient that you don’t need to look for specialty bags! It is also made powder-coated steel with rubber seals to lock in smells.

The DocATot was also something Marc and I knew we wanted going into this appointment, but we learned some extra things about it that got us excited to share with you! After talking to our consultant, we decided on the The Grand Dock (for older babies) instead of the Deluxe Dock (for younger babies). If you’re not family with the DocATot, it is a docking station for your baby. The Grand Dock is meant for ages 9-36 months old, and is a multifunctional and multitasking spot for baby’s diaper changes, tummy time, lounging, playing, cuddling, and napping. I believe the Deluxe is the same, except made for younger infants; however, we realized in this appointment that between the bassinets, cribs, lounger chair, etc we didn’t need both, and would get more use out of The Grand Dock than the Deluxe! We also picked out the travel bag, which will be great to store or carry with us on trips! As well as a spare cover in case of accidents!

The last major decision we made with our consultant was the bloom® coco go™ 3-in-1 Seat. I actually had this rocker in my mind already before coming in, mostly because again, I love the aesthetic of it! But our buybuy BABY consultant reaffirmed that it really is a great option to go with! It has a 2-speed vibration setting, but we learned that chairs/loungers/rockers without a motor or “swing” settings are great for building motor skills, because your baby has to learn how to move to make it rock! Not to say that swings aren’t a great option for safely occupying your baby, but something I never really would have thought about and really appreciate! Motor skills are important too!! 😉

If you have any questions about anything I mentioned above, please do not hesitate to reach out! I truly cannot say enough good things about our experience with buybuy BABY, especially as new parents navigating through all the options that are available! These were our biggest decisions that I shared, but of course I will also be sharing smaller items we added as we near our due date! All my love, xx A

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