Bonobos Spring 2019 Collection + Marc Baby Q&A

Hello Loves! With all the shopping we have been doing for our twin boys, you didn’t think I forgot about my main squeeze did you!? 😛  Marc and I were recently in SoHo and popped by the Bonobos store on Crosby Street. We were drawn in by the cutest prints featured in the store front window, which is one of my favorite things about Bonobos – they really have the best prints and matching pants in every colorway. I also love that Bonobos offers a large variety of sizes – the largest variety of sizing that I’m familiar with without having to get them tailored professionally. For instance, the Highland Golf Pants that Marc has one comes in waist sizing from 28 to 42, lengths in 28 – 36 AND in athletic, slim, tailored or straight fits (not to mention in 12 different colors!). While these are technically “Golf Pants” the material is great, and Marc really can wear for all occasions. They don’t look like athletic gear.

With summer coming up, we got the pants in White – love white everything this time of year! But the other colors are stunning, I’m sure we will be snagging another pair soon, especially since Marc wants to match everything we are getting for our little boys, hahaha. I know what you’re thinking – I picked out Marc’s  M-Flex Golf Polo, but it was actually him!! I swear! Haha. Maybe my personal style is starting to wear off on him, but I was so excited when we pulled this one off the rack to try on! This shirt also comes in 18 different patterns and solids that are great for mix and matching all summer long! I personally love that this polo is UPF 50, which offers great protection! But it also has built in stretch panels for increased mobility and range of motion (which is great for golfing, but also perfect for lifting and carrying twin babies!!! 😉 ). The shirt is also a very versatile piece that can be worn for all occasions and not just on the course! One of the first comments Marc had was how comfortable the outfit was, and how it isn’t your typical cotton polo and chino set.

For fun, I decided to put Marc in the “hot seat” and have him answer some baby daddy questions!! It’s been so fun experiencing this journey together, and I cannot wait to see him as a father – I know he is going to be the greatest dad. Feel free to ask your husbands these questions! I would LOVE to know how they respond, haha.
What are you most excited for? For them to match me – no, I’m just kidding! To continue my legacy. Children are the best representation of your legacy and I am so excited to have them and experience fatherhood. I also can’t wait to see what they look like! That’s the hardest thing!
Are you scared for anything? Yeah, I just want to make sure their healthy, and I want to make sure I’m always able to give them the best life possible.
What’s the first thing you want to teach them? How to shoot a basketball!!!
Any advice for expecting fathers?Try to be as patient as possible! And have food ready on standby 24/7, haha.
Where is the first place you want to visit with your sons? Yankee Stadium, duh!
How many kids do you want to have? 3 or 4 – we’ll see!! Ha!
What attributes do you hope the kids have of yours? Of me? Hmmm – let’s start with you! I hope they have your intellect! You’ve learned to take risks and start your own company and I admire that about you! I also hope they have your height!!! For me, I hope they have my appetite! Haha! And I hope they know how to jump like me!
What parenting skills are you bringing to the table? To love and protect my boys! Can’t wait to have them grow up in the same neighborhood I did in Brooklyn, it will be really cool to experience that!
Are you or ME more likely to be the parent who says “no”? I will be the parent to say “no” to the boys! If we have girls, it’s YES! Every time. Hahaha.
From 1-10 how prepared do you feel for the babies? I would say an “8”! I feel like we have lots of family support, and I loved helping out when my nephew was born. We just need to get our nursery finished!!!

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