Second Trimester Pregnancy Update + Insurance Perks

Hello, Loves! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! I wanted to put together a quick post about how my second trimester is going so far and to also talk about some insurance perks I recently learned about. This have all been told to me through word of mouth from other mothers, and with how expensive having children can be, it’s amazing to hear some ways we can use our insurance to benefit us! 🙂

The second trimester has been going pretty well so far! Had a couple bumps at the beginning and this past week I was sick again, but I’m learning more and more about my body and how it responds to certain things. And even as I’ve been able to get back into a working routine, I’ve learned that I really can’t do as much as I used to do, and nothing is as important as giving my body the rest and nutrients it needs right now. I’ve learned to accept help from everyone and anyone and to not be afraid to ask for it! I’ve started working out a little more, just walking and yoga, and very slowly. Yesterday I think I walked a mile and a half in 30 minutes on the treadmill? Not getting anywhere fast, but learning every day how to maneuver with my changing body, so I’m totally fine with it!

No real cravings yet in the second trimester – it’s honestly still more about what sounds good in a moment. I’m trying to eat a lot more vegetables, salads and avocado on a daily basis, but don’t get me wrong! I still love my morning bowl(s) of cereal and/or cinnamon sugar toast. I’ve been trying to do more carbs in the morning because that’s when I find I need them the most, and healthier meals and snacks the rest of the day. My aversion to coffee is still there, however, I have been able to have a almond milk vanilla latte here and there when I really need it, and I feel like a brand new human when I do!  🙂

I’m still sleeping a ton and napping during the day when I need to, and am starting to notice some back pain. It more feels like pulling and strained muscles and some tightness in and around shoulder blades and I’ve noticed some swelling in my legs and feet if I’m standing/walking a lot in a day. I decided for my birthday gift (and also encouraged it from Marc and family if they wanted to chip in!) that all I needed was  to invest in a prenatal massage package – I found an amazing spot last month and want to start going bi-monthly and/or weekly. I’ve only gone once so far, and felt like a new human as I walked out! Learning to take care of myself in all ways, so this is really the gift that can keep on giving!

I think that’s it for second trimester updates? I haven’t noticed any other strange or new things happening with my body to share with you, haha. So Insurance Perks! Probably why most of you are actually here! I’ve been learning that there are a ton of perks with my insurance that I never would have known about if it wasn’t for discussing with other mothers under the radar. Not even my OBGYN mentioned these things, at least not yet, which I strongly feel there should be more information about because with how expensive it is to have children, we should at least know about the things we can save some money on!! So when I was talking to my friend about breast pumps, she showed me this site here: Insurance Breast Pump Link. Now I know everyone’s insurance is different, so I can’t speak for all about the availability offered. But it took me two seconds to fill out their form, link my insurance provider and then I waited about a week or two for an email from them about which breast pumps are available to me that are either free or heavily discounted with my insurance. Amazing!!!

They had a great variety, with additional add-on packages. I went for the Spectra 2 Plus. I’ve heard only amazing things from other mothers and that it’s also easy to clean. If you’re unfamiliar you may want to chat with other mothers and do some research! They’re all unique and different, so you want to find one that is perfect for you. When I selected it said it would be sent to me in April based off my due date, etc. However I got it in the mail this past week, so if you’re due soon and don’t have one yet do not worry! It was an extremely fast turnaround!  I’m also interested in getting the Willow Pump, which another mother told me she was able to get covered by insurance by sending in her receipt. I haven’t looked into this yet to know for sure, however it doesn’t hurt to call or log into your insurance website and see what else is available! My friends also mentioned that her insurance covers in-home lactation consultants after the baby is born, and on the website I linked above about the breast pump they also have compression bands, socks and recovery bands available too – for free! So there are definitely a lot of amazing insurance perks to look into and ask about! 🙂

I hope this all helps! I will keep sharing information as I’m learning it and have been loving my conversations with all of you about your pregnancies, children and experiences! Talk soon! xx A

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