Our Pregnancy Journey

Hello Loves! Coincidentally it’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m putting this post together, hehe. *LOVE IS IN THE AIR* But I have been getting a TON of questions about our pregnancy journey and I wanted to share it for you. It’s nothing crazy, in fact – I almost feel somewhat guilty sharing it; which I know may sound silly to some of you, but I know how difficult the road to conceive is and I want you to know that even though our pregnancy journey was on the shorter side, I am here for you –

So I guess it’s safe to say that our pregnancy journey started before we got married. Marc and I always talked about our future babies, what they would look like and having a big family. We basically always knew we didn’t want to wait too long to start trying! I’ll be 29 in a couple weeks and Marc will be 31 this year and we figured if we wanted a big family we shouldn’t wait too long to start! I’m not sure if birth control played a part in quickly conceiving, but I’m just going to throw it out there since I want to be as honest and real with all of you. I was never on a pill. I personally don’t like taking medications unless absolutely dire, and I never liked the feeling it gave me when I was on it. My body is super sensitive and I felt like it put everything out of wack. Again, I don’t know exactly how much this played a role, but I have heard sometimes it takes your body time to adjust when you’re on it for a long time. But again, just like my other posts, I would recommend talking to your OB/GYN about this one. 😉

After we got married we weren’t “trying”, but we also weren’t not trying. It was scary and exciting, but it unintentionally turned into this whole thing every month when I wasn’t pregnant. I had to remind Marc that the window to get pregnant is small and a million little things have to line up for it to work out! I felt like I was consoling Marc, but deep down was also consoling myself. “Don’t worry!” I would say, with a smile on a face, when deep down I had a million little worries. I never tracked my ovulation, I didn’t even know if I was fertile….

After 4 months we decided to “try” for good. We picked up a Clearblue Ovulation Kit and we’re anxious to get started! How it works is you download their app, the first day after your last period you start tracking. The kit comes with a bluetooth reader that links to your phone, and you stick in the pee stick device for each test. Every morning when you wake up you take a test, and it tells you on your phone whether or not you are ovulating. In fact, the Clearblue System can track extra hormones than other leading brands and tell you more precise dates you are in fact fertile! The first week was no brainer and I wasn’t expecting to see smiley faces right away, but because I never tracked my cycle and I was never on birth control to have a expected, planned cycle, my cycle always changed and I had no clue just when my ovulation days were. Marc was so sweet during this time – he would wake up with me and every morning, “Did it work!?” with big, open eyes. I felt horrible when I had to say, “No. Not yet!”

As each day came and went and I still wasn’t showing that I was ovulating, we started talking about getting tested. I can’t remember how many days had gone by, but I remember thinking I wish I started tracking this sooner. When you’re ready and anxious, each day feels like it takes forever! I packed up for a weekend trip to Vermont, and if you follow me on Instagram you may remember that weekend on the farm! 🙂 I had a long drive to think about life, babies, next steps. I was pretty discouraged and only packed one test with me. I drove up on a Friday morning and planned on coming back Saturday, but ended up staying an extra night. When the other girls went to bed, I decided to take the only test I brought. I should have taken it Saturday morning, but I remember thinking I didn’t want it to ruin our little trip assuming another day would go by with a blank circle. Little did I know! I finally got a smiley face! It was the best feeling in the world to see it light up! I remember setting my alarm so early, so I could wake up and drive home. Marc was already asleep when I took the test, and I think I was already up and on my way home before he woke up the next morning! Haha. I was just so excited to get back to him!

What I love about Clearblue is it tells you what days you’re fertile, records your cycle and when and how long you should try for. I believe it was Tuesday when I took the test for the final time, and it said to wait to record until after your next period.  We moved back to Brooklyn a couple weekends later, and I was so excited to get back to our home! You can check out my first trimester/symptoms in the post here, but I talked about how sore my breasts were and how I attributed that to weight gain! It was the weekend of the NYC Marathon and Marc woke me up and suggested we make a run to Target to get some pregnancy tests before it gets too busy outside. We quickly ran home and took the test, looked at it and immediately one line showed up (two if you’re pregnant). We shrugged it off, left it on the sink and said we’d try again the next month. Since the marathon runs through our neighborhood we decided to walk over to check it out, and then picked up breakfast burritos on the walk home. 😛

We got home and ran into Marc’s little brother, Shannon, who wanted to come upstairs and check on the renovation. I remember having small talk with him in the kitchen, as I stuffed my face, haha! Moments later, Marc told Shannon to leave, but again I was so distracted by my food I didn’t think anything of it. It was then Marc ran out of the bathroom holding the stick, “BABE! Babe! It worked!!!!” I had a full mouth of burrito and I couldn’t even respond – I was in shock! It worked?! It worked! HOLY SHIT. I didn’t know what to think. I was excited, scared and anxious, but just so happy! I always crack up when I tell people, Marc was the one to tell me I WAS pregnant! Haha! FYI: Make sure you always read the box and wait for as long as it tells you! Haha. I think I mentioned this before, but I was never good with following instructions! 😉 We then took 4 more tests to REALLY double check… haha.

All in all, I had no idea how long this pregnancy journey would take, but I was shocked with having success on the first time we successfully tracked my ovulation and I give Clearblue so much credit for this! If I had known about this product, I probably would have elected to track my cycle sooner, and not just when we were ready so I had some sort of idea what was going on in my body.  Either way, I had to share with you because it really did play an important role in our pregnancy journey and I hope it can help you too! xx A

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