New Year, Same Shoes

Hello, Loves!!! As I sat down to think about New Year Resolutions, I realized a few things:

  1. Why wait until a new year to start something? I mean were already here! But always something I wondered…
  2. Regardless of whether or not you prefer to have a permanent, fixed starting date that has been embedded in our brains! AKA Jan. 1 – what is something you started working on last year that you want to continue doing? Because after all, New Year Resolutions are all about growth! 😉
As we transition into a new year, I thought point two was actually quite an interesting way to think about things! Something I haven’t really thought about before sitting down to write this post, and it made me think about something I was proud of doing last year, which was really honing into my personal style and putting together looks that I LOVED and felt comfortable in. One of my favorite shoe brands I partnered with was Sofft Shoes (previous posts here and here), because the shoes really allowed me all the created freedom to curate looks that I loved, and dress and feel my best self! Sofft Shoes is a brand for life, and their padded soles are something that I wish I started wearing sooner. They have a TON of styles for you to mix and match with all your looks, you’re guaranteed to find something you love and will feel AMAZING in. So as I sit here and think of my other New Years Resolutions to write down, it may be a New Year, but I will be wearing the same shoes. 🙂 Happy New Year, Babes! xx A

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