SURPRISE! We’re having two babies! + First Trimester Q & A

Hello Loves! SURPRISE!!! Marc and I are expecting twins this summer and could not be more excited to finally share the news with you! We are absolutely over the moon, and it means so much more to share in on the excitement with all of you! So thank you! Thank you! And thank you for all your sweet messages. They mean more than words can describe.

I wanted to put together a post to share these images from our pregnancy announcement and answer some of your most frequently asked questions about my first trimester. This is going to be REAL TALK – the good, the bad and the really ugly. If you’re just stopping by to see the photos, I conveniently uploaded them all at the beginning of the post. 😉 But for those of you who wanted to know everything – here it is! Most of it is going to be things I wish someone told me. And while all our bodies are different and respond differently to the symptoms, I truly never thought it would be this difficult. Please note that I am not a medical expert; I am just simply saying it as it is. 🙂 As always, you can shop everything in the post below! I’m linking everything from the “Oh Babies” balloons on Etsy to my dress. And special thanks to Rebel Balloons for decorating our apartment!!! xx A

How did you find out? Tell your family? Any initial symptoms? 

I will be saving this story for another post about our journey coming soon! 😉 But I did have a hunch. My first symptom was a boob job. Well, not a REAL boob job, but they certainly felt like that, haha. I just remember waking up one morning and they were about a cup size bigger and so incredibly sore and sensitive. Ralph, as he always does, heard me waking up and jumped on top to give me kisses and this time I screamed out in pain. I remember thinking it was odd, but again we didn’t take a test yet and so I kind of ignored it. This was actually just after living in Manhattan for the two months we did, while our home was being renovated and our eating habits were awful! So without getting ahead of myself I just attributed the bigger boobs to all the french fries and ice cream I was eating more regularly. Of course looking back now, it is clear as day what a dramatic difference it was. Everywhere you look online it just says, “sore breasts” – totally underplaying this very crucial symptom! No, they’re not just “sore”. It’s like they’re the home for all the hormones that come out of nowhere, causing them to swell and feel like heavy bruises. I also remember them being itchy. Okay, enough about boobs!

It wasn’t long after that we decided to take a pregnancy test to find out I was pregnant! And at first I felt totally normal. I was a little anxious, but also excited about all the unknowns and just SO happy, but also didn’t want to get ahead of myself. Is this it!? Is this the real deal? I remember being scared to tell anyone. Marc immediately dialed his Mom and I told him to hang up so we could think about this for a second – you know.. let the news digest! After all, I don’t even think I was 4 weeks yet? She called back and said, “is Andrea pregnant!?”

The news was out! And now it felt real. We had to tell my family! So I FaceTimed my sister and said to Marc, if my parents happen to both be there, we will tell them. If my dads traveling for work, we can’t say a peep! My sister answers and sure enough, everyone is home! I was so nervous, I don’t know why? Of course they would be excited, but this is the phone call that you think about your whole life! How would they react? So we go through our whole apartment renovation – showing them all the new fixtures and changes down to the littlest details, and my dad goes, “Looks great, honey! We’re going to go get some dinner now- ” “WAIT! We have one more thing to show you…” Now this is the part that I wish we could have somehow recorded, and after you hear how we found out I was pregnant in more detail you’ll know why, haha. And that’s when we showed them the test and I just blurted, “I’m pregnant!!” Instant tears, laughter, the whole 9 yards. It was so special and even though we were 373 miles away I felt like we were in the same room crying together.

What were your symptoms? 

So most OB/GYNs recommend you make an appointment when you’re about ~8 weeks (when you can hear a heartbeat), so waiting out the month to see a doctor felt like forever! I remember looking up pregnancy symptoms all the time – just to make sure everything was fine, haha. From about 4 – 6 weeks I felt pretty normal. I noticed slight cramping every time I would go to the bathroom. It wasn’t painful, it was just uncomfortable. Other than that I didn’t notice any other crampiness, and I never spotted *knock on wood*. I also started to get more winded running up and down the steps, and I definitely felt more tired. I remember taking afternoon naps, something I never ever did! Not even in college. But, I didn’t hate it! If sleeping more was my only symptom, I was like SIGN ME UP! It was around 7 weeks when all hell hit.

We had just made the long drive from NYC to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (which took about ~16 hours) and I was so excited to be in warmer weather and get some exercise! I woke up the first morning and felt a little off. So like everything in life I thought, “Hm? Maybe I’m hungry?” I ate a huge bowl of cereal and laid back down, haha. I didn’t realize I wasn’t going to get back up for almost a week. I wish I was exaggerating. The nausea hit me so hard and I physically couldn’t do anything. I moved from couch to bed to couch, only able to sip chicken broth and crackers all week. If I ate too much I was nauseous, if I didn’t eat enough I was nauseous. I remember having to graze all day just to have some relief, but it wasn’t enough for me to get off the couch. The only relief was when I was sleeping, so that I did! I was also more bloated than usual, which looking back now wasn’t even very much – but it was the last week I was able to wear any of my high waisted jeans. R.I.P. jeans! And sweatpants immediately became my best friend. Up to this point, I didn’t have really any food aversions, but it was also the last time I even wanted to try a sip of coffee. R.I.P. coffee too!

Also, whoever coined the name “morning sickness” is wrong. It’s really ALL DAY sickness, which comes and goes in waves when hormones are surging. Unfortunately theres really nothing you can do, but try to cope.  I always thought I would be so healthy during my pregnancy. I would workout and eat right… nope. Your body is basically in survival mode and I found that you do whatever you need to do just to get through the day. It’s more like, what sounds good in this moment that won’t make me sick? It’s hilarious now, but I went through so many food phases! Frozen waffles were life in the morning. I would wake up SO hungry that I had to have them every morning before I got out of bed. And then all of a sudden I couldn’t even look at another one. Then it became egg sandwiches and omelettes and pizza. It’s all I wanted to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, haha! OMG the pizza!! Thank goodness we’re living in one of the best cities for that. 😉 The frustrating part about pregnant eating is, you’re always hungry, yet you get full so fast. So you’re always thinking about food. Unfortunately, not everything sounds good, so you get stuck in cycles of what you think sounds good in the moment, and then you get so tired of eating it and it’s the next big mystery what you’ll want next. For someone who used to eat everything and anything, this part is quite annoying! When people ask what it’s like, I say it’s a REALLY, really bad hangover –  just without any fun the night before!

The day we went to our first 8 week check-up, I came home ordered a pizza, slept the entire afternoon and woke up and immediately felt nauseous. It was just different this time. To this point, my morning sickness was just nausea, but this time I threw up ALL night long. It took me a couple days to recover and feel somewhat normal again. From this point on, if I started to get nauseous I knew I needed to eat and FAST! Otherwise, I would get sick. And if it intensified, my nausea really just meant I was going to throw up – it didn’t matter what time of day it was. Some times it’s just one episode until my stomach is empty. Sometimes it’s multiple and I can’t leave the bathroom. It’s not very predictable, and for me I felt lousy the rest of the first trimester, so I didn’t know when it would hit. I did find relief in popsicles. They soothed my throat when I wasn’t able to drink water and also got my mind off of feeling crummy. At around 10 weeks – a new symptom showed up! Something I never heard of before: Hormonal headaches. These nasty things are almost as bad if not worst than the morning sickness because they are so incredibly debilitating. From what I know about reading about them, they are from an increased flow of blood and hormones.

How far along are you?

So here we are! I’m 13 weeks and 5 days! Yes, all the symptoms are still present. In fact, I got sick twice this week already, including this morning in the middle of breakfast. I’m not really bothered by throwing up anymore, which was one of my biggest fears before. Of course it isn’t pleasant, but you do get some relief afterwards. I’m really just trying everything I can to get through each day and live somewhat more of a routine than eating and sleeping!

Do you know the genders? 

Not yet! I am dying to know!!! We find out next week! Eek!!

When are you due? 

My due date is July 14th, however I’ve been told they’ll likely come earlier!

Do twins run in your family? 

No! Haha! That’s the craziest part! They don’t.

How are you feeling otherwise? 

I’m extremely excited and anxious to know the genders so we can really start planning! However, on the bad days it really takes it all from you. I honestly didn’t think it would be this hard. It can be mentally draining and lonely – especially on the really bad days that you never think will end. It helps to talk to other moms or moms-to-be! <3

What prenatal vitamins do you use? 

Gummies! I actually started taking them before I got pregnant. The ones that I’m currently taking are Alive! Prenatal Multi-Vitamin with Plant DHA. This is something you should definitely talk to your doctor about though. 😉

Baby Registry? Baby Prep? Nursery?

I’ve been looking around in my spare time, and I have a few ideas! 🙂 But we haven’t done anything yet to share! I like the idea of keeping everything to neutrals, but I still am waiting to know what we’re having before any real planning happens.

Skincare during pregnancy? 

Going to share in another post! Been trying out clean skincare brands and love different things about each one! This is something though that I wish I paid attention to before I was pregnant. A lot of things I’m learning is, everything is okay in moderation, but if it’s not “safe” for pregnancy you may want to think twice.

Was it IVF? 

No, we did not conceive via IVF.

How was your initial reaction when you found out you were having twins? 

Shocked! And to be honest, I was really, really scared. It was the last thing I was expecting and I broke down with fear. Fear if I could do it, fear of the now high-risk pregnancy,  fear of not knowing what I’m doing, but doing it double. Fear of double everything! It took a day or so for the shock to settle, and now I’m so excited!!!

What is your pregnancy workout plan? 

The first trimester was tough, so I wasn’t able to do much. Now I’m going to try getting into yoga and walking more! This is also something I’m excited to talk to my doctor about to learn more about what I can do in the second trimester, and if you’re not sure you should check with them too! Everyone’s pregnancy is different.



Photography: Laura Huertas 

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  1. Congratulations to both of you as well as the Grandparents on both sides! This is so exciting! You are going through all those “preggie” things that goes on for sure! When I was reading some of your blog it echoed some of what I felt as well. To stop morning sickness I use to sleep until the afternoon, but I got afternoon sickness. lol Thank you for sharing!

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