Holiday Traditions

Hello Loves!!! Happy Holidays!! Can you believe were 11 days away from CHRISTMAS! *GASP* I can’t…. where did the year go!?! Luckily there is still a little time to squeeze in some holiday traditions that can make this time of year a little extra special. I first wanted to share my favorite holiday tradition of all! The ornament exchange. It’s so simple, but it’s the best tradition ever!! Every year, Marc and I get each other an ornament that tells a story or documents something that happened that year, and we surprise each other with it. It’s the best $10 you can spend and it’s hilarious to see what we both come up with! The whole point is to have a tree of stories that we can share with our family and friends for years to come! I love this holiday tradition so much, but I’m also going to share a list of some great traditions you can start incorporating (if you haven’t already) – I would love to hear if there are any holiday traditions you do too! The more the merrier! Happy holidays, friends! xx A

  1. Holiday Pajamas – a fun way to get in the holiday spirit! Plus, being cozy and the holidays go hand-in-hand. Brownie points if you match with your whole family!
  2. Holiday Cocktail/Drink – it’s always fun to whip up something special that makes the time a little jollier! create a fun cocktail or punch to serve!
  3. Holiday Movie Marathon – one of my favorites!!! there are just too many good classics and too little time.
  4. Host a Secret Santa – always a night full of laughter!
  5. Look at Lights – why not! you don’t even need to get out of your car for this.
  6. Visit Santa – can’t think of anything that screams Christmas more than visiting the big man himself!
  7. Advent Calendar – I’ve always loved this idea! A cute and fun way to get in the holiday spirit every day of December. If you don’t want to create your own, I partnered with this brand this year who created one and is giving proceeds back to a charity. It’s incredible!
  8. Elf on the Shelf – love the creativity that goes into this holiday tradition!
  9. Stockings – stockings are special way to sneak little gifts/treats in! I love the thoughtfulness that goes into what fits in a stocking – my favorite gum? hair accessories? a ¬†bag of fancy coffee beans? a gift card to my favorite restaurant? it doesn’t matter how big or small the gifts are, never underestimate the stockings!!!
  10. Decorate a Tree/Wreath – always so special. in the past I have decorated a wreath with mini ornaments, since I didn’t have the space to get a tree. A fun alternative to also get you in the holiday spirit!
  11. Write Holiday Cards – nothing like a hand written note!
  12. Cookie Exchange/Cookie Decorating Party – one word: cookies.
  13. Ice Skating – there is just something so fun and festive about ice skating! extra hot cocoa, please!
  14. Window Shop – the window displays are always fabulous. on a warmer evening, take a walk through town to check them out!
  15. Ugly Sweater Party – always a hoot!

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