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Hello, loves! I hope you’re having a super product work week! I stopped by to explore the new WeWork x LikeToKnow.it pop-up space and was so inspired! Not only is it absolutely adorable, but I got so many ideas for my own office space at home! The space is completely styled and curated with pieces from Walmart. I’ll link them all for you below to shop because they’re so amazing!

If you’re not familiar with WeWork, WeWorks are all over the city and are these amazing communal working spaces. The idea is genius! And it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is to work there. You also can get access to all their offices around the city, which is great if you’re constantly bouncing around for meetings, like me! Click here to book your free tour and you will also receive a discount if you choose to book a space!

When I was still working in financial services, I actually worked out of a WeWork space for a couple months and it was really cool! They’re constantly having events (think, crepe parties!!!) and bring in really cool opportunities to share with everyone. For instance, one day in the Fall they brought in a new doctor start-up and offered free flu shots! Not to mention, the architectural design inspiration in each location and everything from phone booths to arcades, and they have free coffee and beer on tap at all times!

Spaces like the WeWork x LikeToKnow.it pop-up space create such positive productivity! It’s really important to surround your workplace with items that make you feel good and inspire you! Which for me is a challenge since most days I’m working at home alone! Definitely going to check out all the goods Walmart has to offer and will include some of my personal favorites for you too! As always, you can shop below! xx A

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