Our Slowdance Wedding China and Registry

Hello Loves! It’s about time I start blogging about my wedding! 😉 I couldn’t think of a better way to start than with our Slowdance wedding china, mostly because I’m absolutely obsessed with how it turned out and I had to share this experience with you!!! If you recall, I was so torn about whether or not to do China, which is something I think most millennials question! But I think this is why this is such a huge topic to discuss and start with, because after going through the process myself my opinion changed completely!

Just before the wedding, I stopped by Slowdance in Flat Iron. Slowdance is a wedding registry that is curated for you based on your taste and lifestyle and features designers from all over the world! In fact, Slowdance is the first and only wedding registry that provides couples with their own personal Registry Designer – think wedding planner or a fashion stylist, but for your wedding registry! 🙂 Registry Designers get to know each couples lifestyle on a deep level, and produce curated product selections that cater to their specific needs. It’s crazy how good they are!!! All Slowdance products are hand-picked by Jung and her expert design team, who scour the globe for the latest home products from top designers in addition to eclectic, smaller artists. For instance: for the power couple working late who like to come home and Seamless their favorite sushi, a Black Walnut Sushi Board paired with Georg Jensen Chopsticks is perfect. For Marc and I, we were looking to design a special wedding china collection that was curated to our personal styles and favorite designers. When I showed up for our meeting they had a combination of the exact plates and pieces we ended up going it – a combination specifically for us!

It all starts with an online quiz. If you’re not based in NYC, you can still experience everything Slowdance has to offer!! To start, take their online quiz here to find out what your personal style is! It might surprise you!! 😉 After taking the quiz and learning more about the brands they have and talking to a registry designer, I realized I was about to be missing out on something super special – our wedding china that Marc and I would be able to eat our wedding meal on and use to celebrate anniversaries to come. While maybe it doesn’t make sense to get full complete sets of china now, I realized that Marc and I should at least have our own special china to have at our wedding reception and use for special occasions after, which I think is a great option for Millennials living in apartments, and I absolutely loved how it turned out! We loved their idea of building our china collection over time, and built our registry at Slowdance, so we can  have the opportunity to expand upon our wedding china and grow our unique collection featuring amazing designers from all over the world! It also makes gift giving between Marc and I super easy! Haha.

I broke down our wedding china below, but as you can see with the help of the designers at Slowdance, Marc and I were able to curate a set of China that was totally unique to us! The designers really let us think outside of the box! Something you are unable to do anywhere else. We picked and pulled pieces from all over the world that were special to us, and each piece tells a story or represents something special in our life, like having one piece from the Ralph Lauren home collection, because that’s who we named our pup after! 🙂 I truly enjoyed the personal experience and expertise that Slowdance has to offer! After going through such a huge life milestone, it was absolutely amazing to get to know their team and have a reliable, trusting opinion on something that you can have to create memories with for years to come. Cheers! xx A

Photography: Laura Huertas

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