Let’s Celebrate! Bloomingdales Wedding Registry: How To Entertain With Your Registry Items

Hello my loves!!! Happy Friday! I wanted to take a moment to talk about wedding registries, specifically Bloomingdales Wedding Registry, because after going through the process, I wish I knew what I know now. *Pours glass of chilled wine*. Ohhh, wedding registries! Honestly, they are SO LESS intimidating now that I look back on the whole process. I feel like once you get engaged, everyone is all up in your face about doing this or that, and it really is super simple. This is about YOU!! If you want one registry – do it. If you want ten different registries – that’s fine too! My point is, don’t just settle on a specific registry for the wrong reasons or because they have the couch you want. Your wedding registry is about making your house or apartment your home. This is an extension of you and your partner’s personal home decor style, and your wedding registry is so important! Envision the life you want to live, the bowls you’ll make cookie dough in, the plates you’ll serve cookies on, the china you’ll eat Thanksgiving dinner on… gosh this post is making me hungry.. Okay! So, on that note, let’s celebrate!

I love that one of my wedding registries was at Bloomingdale’s. This was the very first place I registered and they have an amazingly handy print-out of all the things you need to put on your wedding registry, which you an download here. Not to mention so many great brands that are perfect for everything from everyday to entertaining to fine china – and beyond!! Personally, I think we all need a little Kate Spade in our life, and I love how her collection takes me from day to night. The Kate Spade collection knows how to celebrate! Whimsical, charming and tell’s a story – cue: ” That bowl is so cute!” “Isn’t it darling?! Let me tell you how I got this bowl…”.

If you can envision how you’ll incorporate your registry into your life, it won’t be initiating at all. And don’t forget to make moments more special by using your registry items! Every single day is a blessing, that’s enough to celebrate itself, right?! So if you want to eat pizza on your fine china, do it! If you want to have a rooftop party with your Kate Spade registry items, do it!!! But, like.. you better invite me when you do. 😉 I’ll bring the chocolate chip cookies!

Anyways, Bloomingdales has so many brands to put on your wedding registry, as well as so many ways to make each and every day more special. How to entertain?Use your registry items! Don’t put them away. It’s the little things in life that make you appreciate the bigger things. Celebrate them all!!! xx A

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