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This is it!!! The final countdown! 2 more days to go – can you even believe it? I certainly can’t! Marc and I are over the moon excited to get married and for life after the wedding to start. There are so many things to look forward to! Of course we love our daily reminder from our Zola Registry – the countdown on the wedding planning dashboard  is what I looked forward to every time I went on Zola.com. <3 Zola has so many tools (free wedding websites, checklist, guest list, and registry) , and it helped Marc and I navigate through our wants and needs so much! From registry staples like Le Creuset and KitchenAid to up-and-comers like Sonos and Airbnb, Zola Registry had everything we wanted to register for, plus the option to add cash funds. We were especially interested in registering for things that would help us make memories like cash funds for dance lessons, a road trip, and dinner and a movie. We had so many important questions and conversations about the wedding and newlywed life together. That’s what this is all about – doing this all together, as one.

Our Zola Registry was the first wedding registry we signed up for in December 2016 (can you believe we have been engaged for that long?!). I remember seeing an ad for it on a subway on my way to work and immediately signed up when I got to the office. Not only is it super easy to sign-up for, but I love how customizable it is and how accommodating the wedding registry is to your lifestyle. Marc and I care a lot about enjoying experiences together, and the cash funds were probably our favorite part! Marc has been so sweet! So helpful and so involved with the entire wedding process. It’s really adorable seeing him in this new, creative light. Constantly thinking of cash fund ideas for date nights and activities and things we could do and why we should add it to our Zola Registry. It’s honestly been so much fun going through this process with him!Even if you’re not getting married and are just looking for a cute date idea, check out Zola’s experiences page ! They have thought of everything you can possibly do, and Marc and I were not hesitant at all to add all of our favorites to the our Zola Registry, haha. It’s been fun to picture life after the wedding and we already have so many great dates to go on thanks to Zola and of course all our family and friends! 🙂

So yes, Zola goes above and beyond the standard wedding registry with their cash funds and experiences! But what is also brilliant about Zola is that it suggests ideas for you to add to your registry (honestly so helpful!) and you can link any item from your favorite stores to be featured on it as well, which is also amazing. Another nice perk is that after the wedding all couples are offered a 10% discount on the remaining items on your registry – so good! Marc and I spent countless hours updating and editing and adding to our Zola Registry. It really was a huge part of our wedding preparations, and through all of that it also brought up a lot of important conversations about money and goals after the wedding. We are actually starting an exciting adventure after the wedding, so stay tuned! 😉 It’s bittersweet to see this engagement journey come to an end, but we have so many exciting things to look forward to, the next one being our big race down the aisle!

Click this link to sign up for a registry and receive $50!  zola.com/asliceopi50

Cheers to happy ever after! xx A

Photography: Lauren Listor

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