Miami Bachelorette Weekend

Miami bachelorette

I just got back from my Miami Bachelorette Weekend and I gotta’ say, Miami was a BLAST! My girls and I had so much fun, I would highly recommend a Miami bachelorette to anyone! When we first started talking about where we should go, I was all over the place – “let’s go to Mexico!” “Let’s go to Puerto Rico!” “Let’s go to the Caribbean” – yes, I really wasn’t joking! Haha. All I wanted was my babes, the beach and tequila! Or rum… or champagne… 😉 And I was thinking everything outside the U.S. It didn’t dawn on me until we were really cutting it close to the weekend we planned, that all of that is totally unnecessary to leave because, hello!? We have Miami! (No passports needed!) So rich in culture, bronzed bods and fun, why would you go anywhere else?! No, I really do love Miami – the signs, the architecture, the vintage vibes. It’s really like no other place, and the fact that it’s on the east coast? Count me in!

Where we stayed. We had 9 girls total, and looked at everything from renting a house to hotels – and we decided to stay in a hotel in South Beach, the Shore Club. The prices were super reasonable for the location, which is right on Collins Ave. The rooms are bright and clean with large bathrooms. There are two pools, with a pool bar in between and it has beach access – what more could you want!? If you go to the Shore Club, make sure you order the Frozen Palm Mojito! I promise you this is the best drink I’ve EVER had. Brownie points if you’re able to get the recipe from them to give me ;).

Travel. The great thing about Miami is that there are a constant stream of flights in and out, pretty much from all over the country! We had girls fly in from New York, Boston, Pittsburgh and San Fransisco, and no one had a problem! Miami Airport is the closest (~20 min drive), however, you can also fly into Ft. Lauderdale. Flights into Ft. Lauderdale were less expensive, but the drive is about ~45 minutes from South Beach. ****Also, keep in mind that Uber/Lyft drivers go the long way and then charge you extra – so pay attention to the route and fare, because it happened to a couple girls. They said when they emailed the company, they were refunded the difference.

Boat Day. This was SO much fun!!! On Saturday we rented a boat for a half day that took us around Miami, to the Sand Bar (which is a giant boat party! Everyone parks there boats, and hops out and hangs out. There’s music, drinks, food – it was a blast!) You can also rent boats for the Full Day, however, we thought the half day was perfect! There were three websites we used to look for boats + a captain (emphasis on the captain, unless you know how to drive a boat, hah!) The pricing was super reasonable! $500 + you could rent a boat for half a day and split it with your group. Our original boat was the Vice boat. Two days before we were supposed to set sail it had a motor repairs, and we had to find an alternative, which is good to know because we booked basically last minute and everyone was super responsive and friendly! Just make sure you ask questions (i.e. will you provide a cooler + ice, guarantee there are no additional fees or fuel costs, etc.) and read the feedback for each boat. We looked on and This was the boat we ended up choosing, which was SO comfortable! Carlos was super easy to talk to and work with. He was so accommodating! Everyone had a seat, and it went the perfect speed. We all had a blast!

Dinner. We did one BIG dinner out and it was perfect. We went to Barton G. Oh. My. Gosh. If you’re ever in Miami celebrating anything, even celebrating life itself please go!! It was SO much fun!!! And the food was so good! They had such a huge variety on the menu too, so if you’re in a group with any picky eaters you don’t need to worry! If you watch my stories, you probably saw how excited I was and how much fun we were having, haha. But everything that comes out of the kitchen is artwork! The deviled eggs came out in a chicken coop! The popcorn shrimp came out in a popcorn machine! It’s amazing and hilarious (and everything in between!). This was when we wore our wigs, which was perfect for our dessert! *See below.

Bars. The Taco Stand Speakeasy is where its at! Bodega Taqueria y Tequila. We actually showed up the first night for Mexican, only to realize it’s a taco stand, ONLY THEN to realize the next night it’s a speakeasy and there’s a fun bar in the back with the best music! Ha! We danced all night long! The second night we got drinks at the Delano hotel. They also had a great DJ! We left to go to Story to see DJ Khaled, and were bummed we left. DJ Khaled was planned to go on at 3 a.m. and it was 12:30 when I called the troops to leave and find a diner, haha! Success in my book.

Wigs. So. Much. Fun!!! This was my sisters idea and we all loved it! We ordered all our wigs on Amazon Prime, and they were mostly under $20.

Balloons. There’s a Party City about 15 minutes from the hotel, which is where we went to get the balloons. My sister placed the order online, and we were able to pick it up the day we arrived. It was right next to a Target too, so it was perfect we were able to buy cases of water, sunscreen, snacks, etc.

Bug Spray + Sun Lotion. Do not forget this!! I ordered Avon Skin So Soft to wear all day, it has bug repellant + SPF. Normally I get CRAZY bites, and I was so pumped that I left with zero bites! Woo! I also want to thank IMAGE skincare. They sent my girls and I the best skincare kits, which included their SPF 50. It smells amazing and the protection was so good! The girls were also raving over their lip balm, which is one of my favorites too!

All and all it was the most perfect trip, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more! Besides working on my “feature film” *cough* I mean, the video recap of the weekend 😛 I really didn’t have my phone out too much! Below are a couple snaps of my looks and the girls. <3 If I missed anything or if you have any other questions, let me know! xx A


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