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Hello, hello! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I finally had a moment to sit down and work on our “Save the Dates” post! We had a design made on, and I honestly couldn’t be any more happy with how they turned out! Absolutely stunning!!!! It took so long to get to this point. I must have scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of designs a handful of times, trying to find the style that best fit Marc and I best. They have so many customizable options to choose from! I actually had a couple designs made and saved on my profile using different photos, before selecting this design.

How did I choose? It honestly came down to the fact that I loved this candid moment so much – a simple, romantic embrace that happened to be caught on camera from behind trees in Central Park to be saved and cherished forever… πŸ™‚ .. and now used as our Save the Date photo! Ha! You can see all the photos from this shoot here! Since my engagement ring is rose gold, we added a rose gold font! The colors in the photo are also a nod to the colors we are using for our wedding as well, BUT! That is all the teaser you will get! πŸ˜‰ made it so easy to work on these! My mom created a log-in that we (myself, Marc and his mother) were able to access and add all of our family and friends mailing addresses individually. This not only saved time, but was also so convenient and easy to finalize our list. I think I loved this the most!! It’s just such an easy way to stay on top of your list, count numbers for ordering Save the Date invitations – now! And to use down the road for other things from like: Wedding Invites, Shower Invites, Thank You cards, Day-of Essentials (Menus, Seating Cards, etc) – all the data stays in one place, and it’s so simple because all the names and addresses are forever saved in your address book! My mom even ordered our Christmas Card this year from, because she was able to go through our saved list and click the names from it that she wanted to send a card to, which is nice to know down the road for other cards that need to be mailed!! You can even order samples and try out different papers available, which is a plus when ordering online. I also love that you can order stamps, which let’s be honest! Going to the Post Office is the worst! So being able to order the appropriate number of stamps was perfect. You can even have a stamp design customized; we had our’s designed to say, “Future Mr. and Mrs. Pierre” – EEK!! πŸ™‚

There are just so many ways to customize and make your personalized cards unique. We even picked out a gold foil insert to be added to all the envelopes (and each style has multiple options to choose from!) We were so happy with how our Save The Dates from turned out, so I wanted to dedicate an entire post to this! I’m more than happy to help answer any questions you have, just let me know! x, A

minted save the dates

save the date inspiration - Polaroid Inspo

save the dates, gold foil lined envelopes

save the dates - stamps

envelopes, save the dates

One thought on “Save the Dates:

  1. These are stunning! I loved minted for my wedding stationary as well- so easy!
    I’m wondering if you would ever consider doing a tutorial on your amazing curls? I feel like on Instagram you mentioned that you use hot rollers- any chance that you would do a story or series of photos on the process? Considering buying a set of rollers but think I would be useless with them.
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

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