Gurney’s Newport, Rhode Island

gurneys newport

Hello friends! Marc and I just got back from a long weekend at Gurney’s Newport, and it was the best little getaway! It was both of our first times to Newport, Rhode Island, and we couldn’t believe how close it was to New York City. It only took about 3.5 hours to drive there, but there is also a train you can take that takes you directly there! We admired the fact that Gurney’s Newport is the only hotel in the area that allows pets, so of course we brought our puppy, Ralph with us. 🙂 Gurney’s Newport is located on it’s own island called, Goat Island. You bet they live up to the name! Gurney’s Newport also had the CUTEST baby goats on property! And they did the funniest tricks, ha! Ralph was in love with them!

Marc and I arrived to Gurney’s Newport Friday evening, just in time to explore the hotel and have a quick bite to eat at the hotel lounge/bar. We woke up early to have breakfast before we left to explore the town of Newport – we sat in a cozy booth that overlooked the water. I can only imagine how beautiful Scarpetta is in the summer when all the boats are parked at the docks! There is so much history in Newport. We spent the day walking around with Photographer, Derek Hogan, who guided us around. There is so much to do! But I made sure to be back at Gurney’s to catch the sunset, and thank GOODNESS we did!! It was breathtaking!!! No, really! They had a ton of chairs facing the water, and it didn’t click why until we saw the sun setting – ahhh, the best seats in the house! We walked Ralph around enjoying the sunset, before sitting down for the most delicious dinner at Scarpetta – the restaurant at Gurney’s Newport. It. Was. SO. GOOD. Actually, all the food we had at Gurney’s Newport was delicious!

Sunday we enjoyed breakfast in bed – our absolute favorite thing to do when we travel! We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend in the middle of winter! We also explored “Forty Steps”, which is along the cliffs and all the old Mansions. The views were stunning and the houses were incredible!! There are so many things to do in Newport, I already can’t wait to come back in the summer! Marc and I are so excited because we actually have a wedding in August in Newport! Well, with twelve weddings this year, we just have about one in every city – haha! Hope you all had a great weekend! Stay tuned for another special post from Newport. <3 x, A

gurneys Newport breakfast

goat island

exploring Newport

cozy plaid coat

dancing in the street

dinner at scarpetta

gurneys sunset

gurneys newport breakfast

gurneys newport breakfast in bed

gurneys newport belgian waffles

gurneys newport breakfast in bed

forty steps

newport, Rhode Island

forty steps

cliff walk

Newport is for lovers

HFX coats


Rhode Island

exploring Newport

cliff walk, Newport

explore Rhode Island

kisses in the street

Photography: Derek Hogan


plaid coat
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black jeans
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  1. You guys are so cute in your matching jackets! This place looks beautiful, definitely going to check this hotel out next time I’m in Rhode Island!

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