Bloomingdales Wedding Registry: Wedgewood Fine China

bloomingdales wedding registry

When I first sat down to work on my registry, I was very adamant that I didn’t want to put “Fine China” on there. The logical me thought, “Huh? Well I live in a shoebox in NYC, what do I need this for?!” However, after talking with a few other brides and the longer I thought about it, I realized that maybe I shouldn’t write “Fine China” off so quickly. As a huge supporter of traditions, I thought about my grandmothers’ fine china and how I always admired their china closets when we would visit. And how every special occasion my mom whips hers out for us to eat a fancy meal on that she spends all day cooking. The bottom line is, fine china is special, and while it may not be used often, it is used for the moments that we will want to have cherished. And anything that elevates or add to those moments, like fine china, is a thumbs up in my book! Plus, when else would I buy it!? Ultimately, it is a luxury that most people would never buy for themselves; thus, something you should register, because you only get the opportunity for people to buy you china once in your life.

So here I am! I created a registry at Bloomingdales for fine china specifically, because I admired the brands they carried, like Wedgwood. However, as I explored the 59th Street store I learned that the entire Bloomingdales registry team is devoted to answering questions, providing suggestions and tips to help make the experience simple. They even have a downloadable “checklist” available to help you too and an entire guide about place settings, knifes, flatware, barware, stemware, bedding! So many things I didn’t realize I needed were listed, so I found that to be extremely helpful. After walking around, I realized I kept going back to the Wedgwood brand. The Wedgwood fine china patterns spoke to me and reminded me of china my grandmothers owned, which I LOVED. Wedgwood, a company that started in England in 1759 also has a rich history and to think about how many memories and traditions they must have created over the last couple centuries made it more special to me. Below are my favorites that you can shop or add to your own registries! I chose these pieces because even though they are still “fine china” I know they can be incorporated into my lifestyle more often than a special dinner every holiday. For instance, I love these mini plates to use when I entertain and have my girlfriends over!! They’re so whimsical and girly!

I would love to know what you think about this! Did you have difficulty making this decision? What did you do? If you chose fine china, what was your reasoning behind it? How do you incorporate fine china into your lifestyle? Comment below! x, A


bloomingdales wedding registry


wedgwood wonderlust bowl
Wedgwood Hibiscus Dinnerware
Vera Wang Wedgwood Infinity Frame
Vera Wang for Wedgwood "Orient" 7.5" Candleholder, Pair
Wedgwood Wonderlust Tray

Photography: Allie Provost

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