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Parisian bride

OH, Trocadero, Paris! You are a DREAM! This trip was my first time to Paris. I purchased a flight about a week or two before, hopped on a plane and had no idea what to expect beyond daydreams and photographs of what I imagined this city was like. I need to note, the pictures don’t do the city justice. Paris is just so breathtakingly spectacular it doesn’t feel real. Every where you look tugs on your heart strings! The cafes, the architecture, the gardens, the people!!! Everything is so beautiful, and in the simplest of terms, you can literally smell the love that’s in the air! (If you ask me, it’s almost like a combination of roses and a warm, buttery croissant just waiting to be hugged. ­čśë Pure, love. <3 )

“Hold me┬áclose and hold me fast / The magic spell you cast / This is La Vie En Rose..”

We woke up super early to get to Trocadero before sunrise. Honestly, of all the places we saw, this was the most magical moment. I highly recommend doing this one morning if you visit Paris! The entire city is asleep, except for a few brave souls who set up their cameras or are photographing couples. There must have been at least 5 other brides in full wedding gowns getting photographed with the sunrise, it was so beautiful! Besides that, a place that is completely packed during the day is essentially empty and quiet, and is so surreal it will leave you in complete aw.

┬á“When you press me to your heart / I’m in a world apart / A World where roses bloom..”┬á

I always imagined what it would be like to be a Parisian bride: Elegant, classic, chic, vintage…. the pioneers of couture fashion… I had big shoes to fill! I did know if I was going to be a Parisian bride anywhere, it had to be on the steps of┬áTrocadero, Paris. Steps that overlook the Eiffel Tower in the distance, and in it’s hazy morning glory, the tower almost looks like it is painted into the sky.

“Give your heart and soul to me / And life will always be /┬áLa Vie En Rose.” –┬áLa Vie En Rose

It was a whirlwind figuring out what to pack in such a short time, but this two piece set from BHLDN (linked below), which is actually a bridesmaid dress option, was one of the first outfits I packed. I figured I’d grab some roses when I landed and voila! Well, I don’t know what I was thinking because I forgot to pack heels. Allie and I made the executive decision (before caffeine!) that out of the 6 pairs of shoes I did remember to pack, the white booties would be the best option. Emphasis on *Before coffee*, haha. But!!! I’m not going to lie… I’m digging the white booties! I’m definitely going to try to make bridal booties a thing…. ┬á­čśŤ Xx, A

Parisian bride, BHLDN, wedding Inspo, Paris

Parisian bride, BHLDN, wedding Inspo, Paris, roses

Parisian bride, BHLDN, wedding Inspo, Paris, roses

Parisian bride, BHLDN, wedding Inspo, Paris, roses

Parisian bride, BHLDN, wedding Inspo, Paris, roses

bridal booties

Parisian bride, BHLDN, wedding, Paris, roses, lace

bridal booties, Chloe, BHLDN bride, boho bride

Parisian bride, BHLDN bride, bridal, booties, lace, Paris

Parisian bride, BHLDN bride, bridal, booties, lace, Paris

Photography: Allie Provost


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