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Even though I’ve already pulled out my giant puffer coat and am counting down the last of the nice Autumn days (please don’t go!!!) …. today was absolutely perfect! A cozy high of 65 degrees. With it being almost December, I’ll take it! And you bet your bottom I’m wearing white still 😉 I absolutely love a good little white dress, but this one takes the cake. I love the waistline, the mini hemline, the sleeves – everything about this little white dress has my name all over it, especially the fact that it looks adorable with over-the-knee boots and a light jacket.

Instagram Question: “How do you keep your over-the-knee boots up?”

Someone recently asked me about other-the-knee boots, and if I had any tips on how to keep them up. I definitely think quality helps! I’ve owned so many brands of over-the-knee boots, everything from ASOS to Steve Madden to Stuart Weitzman, and have noticed that the pairs I have invested in have lasted me the longest and I haven’t had a problem of them stretching out. If you’re having trouble with yours staying up, I would suggest wearing them with a over-the-knee sock (or socks, depending on how much space there is). I think it would help gap the space between, add some friction and give them something more to hold onto! These are a great over-the-knee sock and this is a really cute option! I also think over-the-knee boots that tie are also better at staying up, than versions with an elastic closure on top. I know this obviously doesn’t help if you already have a pair! But just something to look out for if you’re in the market for a new pair. 🙂 I would even suggest double sided or fashion tape – I haven’t tried this! But is a less expensive alternative to buying a new pair! Hope that helps! x, Andrea

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