Girls Weekend in Chicago

girls weekend in Chicago, where to stay and what to do!

Our 48 hour trip to Chicago was nothing short of amazing! I’m still laughing at the memories we created with Champagne Getaway, and it’s definitely on the top of my destinations of *delicious and affordable* places you need to visit with your friends. Every time I visit, I fall more and more in love with Chicago. It really is a great city to have a Girls Weekend!

Where to stay? This past trip I stayed at The Langham, Chicago. If you’re visiting Chicago, you need to stay here! (And no, I’m not just saying that because I might by slightly bias towards the pink key card and accessories – haha, although the pink did tickle my heart! 😛 ) And if you’re going to have a girl’s weekend in Chicago – you need to make sure that it’s filled with AS MUCH PINK AS POSSIBLE, right?) Okay, in all seriousness the hotel is just incredible. Everything about it makes me smile; from the beautiful (and spacious!) marble bathrooms, extremely comfortable beds/pillows, the sweetest workers, delicious food, indoor pool, location, views.. I can really go on and on! This hotel is just spectacular. I didn’t visit the spa, but it was quite busy for a weekday and smelled incredible! Just don’t forget your matching pajamas of course! 😉 Mollie, Meghan and I are wearing Bed to Brunch (coming to Nordstrom soon!)

What to do? What NOT to do! I definitely recommend visiting in Summer/early Fall. I made the mistake of visiting twice in the Winter and it sadly altered my perception of Chicago for years. However, I’ve been back a few times this past year during the warmer months, and I take it all back!!!! I swear I love you now, Chicago!

  • Lake Day (a.k.a. the “beach”): I gotta’ say, it is beautiful! Not this trip, but when I visited in July for a bachelorette weekend we had the best time, and ended up at  Castaways, which I think is ONLY appropriate if you’re with your friends or on a Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend, haha.
  • Navy Pier: Such a cute spot to stop by and walk around! We totally embraced our inner child and rode the swings and merry-go-round. We also got McDonalds ice cream cones – my golly! I forgot how good they are, ha!
  • Cubs Game: It doesn’t even matter if you like baseball or not, is there any other way to eat a hot dog? Side note: there are a ton of fun bars in the area too!
  • Shopping: Enough said. The Nordstrom there is amazing!!
  • Trolly: The trolly is such fun way to explore the city! I’ve taken the trolly out with a larger group in the evening for a bar crawl, that is always a blast! This time around we took it out for spin to catch the sunset of the city. It was so fun!

Where to eat? If you’re coming to Chicago, you better come hungry – and PLEASE, leave your diet at the airport because that word doesn’t even exist in the 312.

  • Donuts: If it hasn’t been verified, I’m pretttttty sure Chicago has the top donut shops/square blocks, hahah. I swear there is one on every corner!!! You can’t make a mistake with which donut shop you should try, HOWEVER!!! If you’re having the ultimate girl’s weekend in Chicago you should probably just go to Stan’s Donuts, because, well…. it’s pink. Pink building, pink donut boxes… ok so I’m just going to skip ahead to cupcakes.
  • Cupcakes: Now, I know Sprinkles cupcake ATM isn’t new news, but you would have to be lying if you told me it’s not the best ATM you can visit (plus it’s pink, so…) Ok, ok, BESIDES PINK, if you look up ultimate girls weekend in the dictionary, what do you see? Avocado Toast. Ha!
  • Breakfast: So I did my research and discovered: Kanela Breakfast Club. This place was sooooo good! In all honesty, I’m actually sad I was only able to eat there once during my trip, because there were about 15 things on the menu I couldn’t decide on (like red velvet French toast – yum!). Can someone bring the KBC to New York please? Conveniently, this spot is not too far from Nordstrom and right next to the Navy Pier – two places that make my heart SOOO happy! I also had breakfast at the Langham, which was very good! The blueberries and crumble on top of the blueberry pancakes… wow!
  • Brunch, Lunch – Instagram Hot Spot: Hampton Social  did someone say, “rosé all day”?
  • Tacos: “I forgot to ask, do you like guacamole?” We stopped by Broken English for dinner – it was so fun and colorful!!  Tacos, guac and margaritas! Does it get any better that that?!

At the end of the day, you can’t have a bad weekend if you’re with your girls! With Chicago, the list could go on and on, but while I was writing this I was laughing at my first post about Chicago  – which was one of my first travel posts ever! HA! Go check it out and see other recommendations. 🙂 I’m also always loving to hear about new spots, if you have a favorite – comment below!! xx

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Navy Pier, Chicago - Girls Weekend Guide

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Photography: Gina Fig

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