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It’s only Tuesday, and I already feel defeated by the week of work, errands, chores, staying in touch with friends, working out – essentially trying to prioritize everything that feels like a priority. It’s exhausting and mentally draining. Sometimes I feel like the only way forward is to keep going, often times forgetting and dropping the things that mean the most to me – running out the door before walking Ralph, forgetting to text a friend back… will I ever “catch up” on everything on my list?!? As women, I think it’s easy to be hard on ourselves. They say were our harshest critic – why is that? What about all the things I HAVE done this week? Even though I was 10 minutes late to my exercise class, does it count I still made it? That I raced through the subway, down the street and up 5 flights of steps just to say I was there? Am I trying to do too much? These are all things I think about every day. I’m not trying to be negative. In fact, I’m trying to find a positive spin to all the craziness, because there always IS a positive way to look at all of this.

Recently, I collaborated with Raymond Weil on their new collection of watches with Repetto. The entire collection is absolutely stunning and you can choose from a variety of detachable straps made in Repetto leathers (for those of you who are not familiar, Repetto, is a French designer known for their ballet flats and leather goods). To be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t know much about the brand or the collection before I went and met with them. However, after spending the day learning more and more about the brand, I left with a greater appreciation for not only the brand, but myself. The Raymond Weil collection was designed FOR women, a brand who calls us the “everyday ballerina”. We juggle careers, lives, relationships, pets, children, appointments, chores, errands – it never ends and Raymond Weil recognizes that and thinks it’s beautiful, powerful and elegant how women “dance” through life. SO beautiful they designed a watch as a symbol of movement, elegance and freedom –  just for us! and p.s. I’m obsessed!!!

“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” – Albert Einstein

I couldn’t agree more with everything Raymond Weil stands for. As I’ve gotten older and developed deeper, stronger relationships with friends and my mother – I admire how hard we work. I’m so honored and proud to be apart of the Raymond Weil campaign. It gives me a new appreciation for everything women and I do, and even on the toughest and craziest days it’s a gentle reminder that life is going to have it’s ups and downs, but it’s the way we dance through the storms that shows our true characters. Maybe being our own harshest critic won’t ever change, and that’s okay. Life happens, and whether you’re on time or 10 minutes late it’s about showing up and being there that should matter. <3

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Raymond weil watch

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floral dress. Raymond weil, Central Park, New York city, summer fashion

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  1. everything about this is perfection! loved reading this post…it’s hard to remember sometimes that we don’t have to do it all! <3 stay amazing andrea!!!



  2. This is he best blog post ever. Couldn’t put it any better myself. Deep breaths, one day at a time ✨ you are very inspiring girly, keep on chasing that dream

    With love,

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