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*Must be 21 years of age or older to drink alcohol. Please drink responsibly.

Hi Loves! As you saw on my Instagram the other day, I hosted a BYOG (bring your own glass) pineapple party in an effort to turn my back on winter!! WOO HOO! Still waiting for it to be summer over here, but it sure as heck felt like it! We even cranked the heat up, along with our favorite tunes from the 90s! Haha! Can’t wait to share with you one of my #7Waysto7UP! 😛

I was looking all over for the perfect refreshing cocktail recipe, and when I couldn’t find one – I decided to just WHIP up my own. Pineapple Mojitos! YUM!!! They ended up being too good not to share with you, not to mention were a total hit with my friends! In lieu of simple syrup, I opted for 7UP®, which was delicious and added the perfect bubbly twist! The 7UP also paired well with pineapple, mint and lime. It also was a great refreshment to have for those who didn’t want a cocktail, so we made “MOCKtails” with the same ingredients, minus the rum. 😉

Before my guests arrived, I ran over to my local Stop & Shop to load up on ingredients and pick up some fresh flowers. You can also find 7UP at You could say we had a little bit of fun picking out the perfect soda mixer – but 7UP was the best choice!


Fresh Pineapple cut into small chunks + Fresh Juice (*Directions below to make pineapple vase)

Fresh Mint



White Rum

Fresh lime – cut and served (recommend squeezing on top!)

(***Pineapple Vase: cut crown off pineapple off as high up as you can, then cut along the sides with a long knife until you make it around the full pineapple. Be careful not to poke through the bottom of the fruit! From there, cut diagonally until you remove all the fruit and core. I used all this fruit as the ingredients for my drinks! And then poured the juice into another cup. Fill up with water and flower and voila! I only left my flowers in the pineapple vase for the party, before moving them to a glass vase, but it looked gorgeous on the table and was a huge hit!)


Fill glass with ice. Add a splash of pure pineapple juice. In a side bowl, mash pineapple chunks and fresh mint. Pour spoonful of the mixture into each glass. Add chunks of pineapple and sprigs of mint for color. Pour 1.5 oz of White Rum and fill with 7UP. Garnish with a wedge of lime and Voila! CHEERS!

We had such a blast making these! One thing I love the most about 7UP is how versatile it is, so I always keep a couple cans on my bar cart. Not only is it a great cocktail mixer that is light and refreshing (especially for my pineapple mojitos 😉 ), but it’s also great to incorporate into other dishes as well too. My grandma used to mix it into her lemon bundt cakes (so yummy! I’ll need to dig that recipe out to share) and I’ve also added it to marinades for a sweet, citrus glazed. It really is such a great product to have on hand!  #7Waysto7UP

Make sure you check out Savory Magazine in the “New Flavors” edition until 3/30 to save $1.00 when you buy two 7UP® 2-Liter bottles! Woo! Woo!

Cheers to living and tasting Summer 24/7! XOXO


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