New Years Eve – Last Minute Outfit Ideas

Hi Loves! With the year quickly coming to an end, there is always one thing I always procrastinate on – my New Years Eve outfit! I don’t know why, but this is always the last thing I think of doing, and it always dawns on my the day after Christmas. While shopping for my very own New Years Eve outfit, I found two great websites that will guarantee delivery by the end of the year – and of course I had to share with all of you!!

Below is my curated list of outfit ideas, accessories and shoes – everything you would need to mix and match to pull off your own amazing New Years Eve look. Gold and Black are my go-to colors for New Years Eve, but this year I decided to pick out some fun curveballs for those who are daring to be bold! For instance, how cute would the rose gold sequin bomber be over the off-the-shoulder blush velvet dress with the rose gold sandals?! Gahh!! So Carrie Bradshaw! 😉

Don’t let your New Years Eve outfit stress you out! Just throw some sequins on and have fun with it. If you have any styling questions, simply comment below – I’ll be checking my email all day. Happy shopping and Happy New Years!



sequin bomber
fringe dress
black lace dress
tuxedo dress
velvet sequin off shoulder top
long sleeve beaded dress
black midi dress
low back, black velvet dress
feather dress
blush off shoulder dress
gold midi dress

Clutches Under $40

navy envelope clutch
oversized clutch
silver clutch
black velvet clutch
multi-color clutch
sequin clutch


black heels
mini heel
studded heels
silver metallic heels
gold and black heels
nude metallic

3 thoughts on “New Years Eve – Last Minute Outfit Ideas

  1. Thank you for sharing! It’s super helpful to know the retailers that deliver short notice because lawd knows I haven’t even thought about what I’m wearing for New Year’s Eve. Wishing you a wonderful 2017!

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