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Hi Loves! Here it is – our Bedroom Reveal!! Marc and I finally finished decorating our bedroom and I am so excited to share it with you – Ralphie too of course! 😉 Living in NYC has taught me to be more creative with our space – hanging art in certain places, mirrors to reflect light and filling corners with plants. It of course helps that there are competing inspiration and nooks everywhere you turn from restaurants to cafes to boutiques. With so much inspiration everywhere, of course it’s always difficult to narrow down this vibe with that style, but we ultimately decided to make a space that’s clean, comfortable and reflects us and our personal styles – cozy and bright.

before room makeover
after bedroom makeover

When we first moved in, we painted everything white, swapped carpet in the bedrooms for espresso hardwood floors and updated the hardware. We replaced all the window treatments with white wood blinds, and added iron curtain rods and long white drapes.  By the time we got to decor, a majority of our money was spent on the main updates so we just used the old furniture I brought with me from my very FIRST apartment – AKA we were due for an upgrade! 😛

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Would you believe me if I said this whole decor project started with a mattress? Yep! It all started soon after we got Ralphie and we knew a full size bed wasn’t going to cut it for Mr. Ralph, who loves to cuddle and never leaves our side! Living in NYC has also taught me about enjoying the conveniences of life –  from food delivery services to customized mattresses in a box. Sounds crazy, but this phenomenon is catching on fast in NYC! And it was one of the easiest, best decisions we made. There are now a handful of mattress-in-a-box companies, but when I discovered Helix Sleep I simply stopped looking. The pricing is fair, the questionnaire is so easy to fill out and the beds are incredibly comfortable. Each bed is unique customization of your built, body type, height and weight. Plus you can customize it in two halves so you and your significant other – my now FIANCE – can each have a side that is customized for you and your softness preference. Of course the best part is they arrive in a box at your door! So you LITERALLY don’t even need to walk into a mattress shop!

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With a new mattress, we had to swap out our bed frame and headboard and I fell in love with this wingback tufted white velvet one (currently on sale!!!) I wanted to start off with a blank slate, so white it was! I’ve always been a fan of crisp, white bedding too – so that part was easy 😉 I typically buy my plain white duvets on sale (around $30!) and swap them out once or twice a year. What!? Pizza grease is hard to remove! 😛  Another thing I swap out are throw pillows, which is fun to mix and match with the seasons. Currently, neutral faux furs and linens are a fun texture combo! My blanket was designed in a shop on Etsy. I’ve been dying for a chunky knit blanket forrrr-eeeev-errrrr and FINALLY caved, which was the best decision I’ve made! It instantly transforms your space. As I mentioned above, filling corners with giant plants is one of my favorite tips! I love the look of fig leaf plants, and while I don’t trust myself to keep one alive! I found an awfully good fake at Pier 1. I also mentioned adding mirrors to reflect light – this is key! Especially if you only have one window like me. I love bright spaces, and mirrors help bounce light, so we hung a giant window mirror on the wall opposite from the window.

It took me a little while to figure out what to hang above the headboard – a piece of art? another mirror? The space felt empty, and we didn’t want to fill it with just anything, so for Christmas I surprised Marc with 11 x 14 black and white prints of photos we had taken back in May. I framed them in 16 x 20 frames with ivory matting – simple, elegant and easy to swap out if we every want to replace the photos we have! I also thought the space between the headboard and wall looked empty, so for the holidays I kept garland laying above the headboard – which I love so much I don’t plan to take it down any time soon! Both the lamps and the nightstands are from a couple years ago, but were unique one-of-a-kind pieces from Pottery Barn and Anthropologie that I knew I wanted to accent our room with.

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I hope you love our Bedroom Reveal as much as we do! Would love to hear your thoughts below, and I’ll try to link as much as possible below for you to shop! If not, I’ll try to link very similar items 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!!!!



chunky knit blanket
linen pillows
snow white leopard
faux fur pillow
fig leaf plant
white tufted headboard
gold links floor mirror
iron hardware
black nightstand
white cotton drapes
arched window mirror

10 thoughts on “Bedroom Reveal

    1. Thanks, Kimberly! Patience was key! It took almost a year from start to finish, but it was a lot of fun planning everything 🙂 Happy New Year!!!!

  1. That chunky knit blanket is SO dreamy!!! And the black and white photos are such a beautiful, personal touch to your already incredible space! LOVE every little detail! xoxo Happy New Year love! So happy for you and Marc!!!

    1. Awwww – Thank you so much, Laura!!!!! 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours too!!!! When were in Pittsburgh next, we will have to plan a shoot 😉

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