Hi Loves! Nothing is worse than coming down with a cold – ESPECIALLY when you’re traveling. We spent a rainy weekend in the Hamptons the other week, when I started coming down with flu-like symptoms.We had all these plans, and my girlfriends stayed in to hang out with me (as well as mess with me while I was trying to get some rest!! HAHA!) It was very sweet though, and they were even sweet enough to save me a slice of pizza for breakfast – lucky me!

I’m so glad to be surrounded by people who lifted my spirits, and with the help of Vicks I was able to get the sleep I needed to enjoy most of the weekend. 🙂 I am a firm believer that sleep is the best thing you can do, when you’re not feeling well
 Which is why I am so excited to announce that I will be an ambassador for Vicks products this year!!! I’ve been using their products for as long as I can remember. I count on them every single time I am coming down with symptoms. NyQuil is my version of the “Windex” (cue “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” – what, what!).

In all seriousness, NyQuil and DayQuil are my go-to cold and flu medicines. After all, nothing is worse than sniffling in your sleep, and NyQuil has helped me get through more otherwise sleepless nights than I can count! Of course a side of giggles doesn’t hurt either. 😉

These are a few of the moments from our weekend that I absolutely did NOT want to miss out on; Luckily I slept off my cold and was able to be there for the moments that really mattered!! What moments can you absolutely not miss? Share your photos on Instagram and Twitter with the #NoSickDaysSweepstakes hashtag for a chance to win a Canon Rebel camera and a NyQuil & DayQuil prize pack! Check out the rules here: spr.ly/NoSickDaysRules

pillow fight
dreamy bed
Hamptons House
pizza party

This post was sponsored by Vicks.

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