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Hi Loves! Now that we’re getting in the season of giving, I wanted to introduce a brand that will forever change one of the best gifts of all – Cailler Swiss chocolate. Since 1819, Cailler has been excelling in creating premium chocolate that is truly a multi-sensory experience. From bean to bar – all recipes and techniques have been perfected over generations and generations for almost 200 years! Even the milk used in Cailler Swiss chocolate comes from local Swiss farms located within twenty miles of Maison Cailler – the factory in Broc, Switzerland, which is also the only place in the world this chocolate is created.

The factory is absolutely breathtaking. Sitting low in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by greenery, mountains, milk cows and cow bells – it truly represents the brand and why they put their heart and soul into every single piece of chocolate. I got to sit down with their chocolate making extraordinaire and world chocolate champion, Geraldine Mueller Maras. After sitting down and learning more about the delicate process of chocolate making and design, everything changed and I fell even more in chocolate-heaven love than I ever thought imaginable!

cailler chocolate pop-up shop
exploring cailler factory
gorgeous cailler packaging!
making cailler chocolate
Geraldine Mueller Maras

“..the heart of Cailler is definitely the quality of the product, the emotion, the tradition. “ – Geraldine Mueller Maras

Cailler Window Display
Simon Doonan
Cailler NYC Pop-up Shop Window Display
simon doonan selfie

Nothing inspires me more than speaking with people who share such a passion, and Cailler chocolates are inspired from the heart. This inspiration shines through every single detail throughout the entire process. Each cow even has a cow bell designed specifically for that cow, and the bells each have a different ring by which the farmer can recognize the cow! From the detail in the packaging, which includes gorgeous Swiss decoupage designs, to the detail on the chocolates, Cailler isn’t just chocolate – it’s a work of art!

If you’re in NYC, I would highly suggest visiting the pop-up store in Meatpacking! It was an experience unlike any other. The window display was designed by Simon Doonan, the Creative Ambassador-at-large of New York City-based clothing store, Barneys. Cailler could not have picked a better mastermind to create their window display, which was designed using their luxury packaging – so cool!! If you’re not in New York, I have good news! You can now order their chocolates online here! Order some chocolate for your next gift, party or just because ; ). I assure you, it won’t disappoint!

NYC Pop-up Store Location: 408 W. 14th Street – November 19th through November 26th.

NEXT LOCATION! If you’re in San Francisco the Cailler pop-up store will be stopping there next, look for it at 117 Post Street from December 15th – 21st or you can shop on Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Cailler Chocolate

    1. How fun is that?!! Did you bring the whole family? You’ll have to let me know the next time you visit – I’ll pop over to say hi! 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly! I. KNOW. THOSE COWS were the cutest things!!!! So cool, haha. Are you living in San Francisco? I’m visiting soon! Would love some recommendations 🙂

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