Favorite Workout Products and Summer Workout Playlist

Howdy, friends! Since living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and fitness are two important aspects of my life, it’s long overdue that I wrote about it! For right now, I want to keep this short and sweet and talk about my FAVORITE fitness products, as well as include my current playlist for you below. I would love to hear what you have to say! Do you have any questions you’d like to know about my workout routines? What are your favorite products? And if you have any song recommendations, please feel free to comment below! Let’s get this party starrrrrrrrrted!

Favorite Workout Products - FlipBelt

1. The FlipBelt. This product came into my life last May (2014) and my life has never been the same. The FlipBelt is GENIUS! No matter where I have lived – from growing up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh where I used to run around a local farm to going for run/walks around NYC – this product is a dream come true for all active peoples – not just runners! In fact, I was just talking to a frienFlipBeltd about this product, and she askedFullSizeRender-40 to borrow mine for a music festival she was going to – I mean, it’s essentially a modern day fanny pack! Just a littttttttle more discreet :P, and it holds all your essentials: keys, credit cards, cash, phone, granola bar, gum, etc.  It also comes in a lot of amazing, fun colors! I have Neon Punch and Nuclear Yellow. If you have questions about sizing, just let me know. FYI I ordered a size Small (typically wear pant size 4/27).

Favorite Workout Products - Ice Stick Trays 2. Icy Bottle Sticks Trays. There is no greater frustration than trying to wedge an ice cube into the small lip of your water bottle – the struggle is real folks! Well, at least until someone came up with the Icy Bottle Sticks ice tray. It’s one of those inventions that you just want to scream, “AH! Why didn’t I think of this!” But, seriously…. especially when someone always seems to grab the last cold water bottle or Gatorade in the fridge… it wasn’t me! 😉

3. Earbuds – the Powerbeats2. Through the year, I’ve gone through my fair share of earbuds and have yet to find a pair I love as much as my Beats by Dre. The flexi-wrap around the Favorite Workout Products - Beats by Dreear is actually pretty comfortable and conforming to fit your ear. I personally can’t wear the buds – they always seem to pop right out! Especially once I start sweating, so I love this feature about them. I also love how they come with a microphone, so when the pizza delivery guy calls on your last mile home, you know you need to start booking it! Kidding… well, maybe it happened once…errr, okay.. moving on! Lastly, the sound is also amazing. Another plus when you’re jamming out and getting in the zone!

4. Cute workout gear – duh! Need motivation? Just grab some sexy and fun workout gear! Here are a couple of my favorite items that are available. right. now. <3 <3

Favorite Workout Products - Bras Favorite Workout Products - Bras Favorite Workout Products - Bras

5. Chic Yoga Mat. P.S. non-yogi’s – we all need something to stretch or do ab-work on too! :P. I’ve been seeing lots of fun, designer mats out lately! I’m currently obsessed with this one:

Favorite Workout Products - Chic Yoga Mat Favorite Workout Products - Chic Yoga Mat

6. Foam Roller. I have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller.. it’s like poking at a bruise.. it hurts Favorite Workout Products - Foam Rollerand feels good at the same time?! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!? Anyways… this is key to getting in shape and repairing your muscles as quickly as possible. If you haven’t started doing this, you’ll thank me!

7. Pumped up Kicks. Just like cute workout clothes, a pair of new shoes always seems to do the trick when I start slipping into a workout rut. This generation is lucky! When I was growing up… am I old enough to say that yet? I feel like I sound like my grandfather, ha!… anyways, it was slim-pickings when it came to fashionable and fun workout shoes. Now, color is everywhere and I LOVE it. These are a pair that I have been eyeing: Favorite Workout Products - Nike Running Shoes

Favorite Workout Products - Face Wipes8. Face wipes. Before and/or after, nothing feels better than a clean face. I’ve found that these Burt’s Bees  wipes are the best! These wipes cleanse, remove dirt and makeup and tone in one easy step! They also smell amazing.

9. Dry Shampoo. If I could choose one item to take with me to a deserted island, I would pack….. Okay, Favorite Workout Products - Dry Shampoo maybe I would consider other prized possessions, but in all seriousness this stuff is a game. changer. Before working out, I love how it gives my thin hair that extra “oomf” it needs to rock a pony. After, it miraculously erases the “natural oils” for that squeaky, clean look. I use this stuff just about every day, from throwing it in after a light workout to using it to style my hair – dry shampoo is a must! I’ve linked my favorite brand above as well.

10. Natural Flavor Water Bottles. Saving my favorite recipes for another time! But, I LOVE naturally enhanced flavored waters. They’re super refreshing, light and not to mention – delicious! Plus, using reusable water bottles is good for the environment – double win! Double whammy! Here are two of my favorite bottles: The Citrus Zinger  and The Aqua Zinger Flavor Water Maker.

Favorite Workout Products - Natural Flavor Water Bottle Favorite Workout Products - Natural Flavor Water Bottle

WorkoutLabs exercise cards10. WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards. These things are AMAZING! I travel with mine everywhere I go, and love making it a game by choosing a random selection and turning it into a mini workout! For the cost of a gym class that you can have for the rest of your life, these cards are great! For more information or to order yours CLICK HERE! 


1. “Sun Is Shining” – Axwell /\ Ingrosso

2. “Changing Me” – Bobby Green feat. Sean Michael Murray

3. “Pumpin Blood – The Jane Doze Remix” – NONONO


4. “Hot Hands” – Darius

5. “Overload” – Life of Dillon

6. “You Are My Summer” – La+ch

7. “Talking Body – Gryffin Remix” – Tove Lo

8. “2 Heads” – Colemann Hell

9. “Let’s Bounce” – James Curd

10. “Ripetide – FlicFlac Edit” – Vance Joy

11. “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You – Chainsmokers Remix” – Bebe Rexha

12. “Say My Name (feat. Zyra)” – ODESZA

13. “Ghost Town” – Adam Lambert

14. “Lean On (feat. MO & DJ Snake)

15. “Good For You” – Selena Gomez

16. “Can’t Feel My Face” – The Weeknd

17. “Waiting For Love” – Avicii

I’d love to hear what you have to say! Love or hate it, feel free to drop a comment! :*

Happy Living, XOXO

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